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KickoffLabs 2017 Dashboard Update

By Josh Ledgard

May 19th, 2017

We recently updated the KickoffLabs application with a new dashboard experience. Our goals with this update included: 

  1. Improve the speed of the application.
  2. Simplify the experience for common tasks. 
  3. Make campaign functionality easier to discover, implement, and manage. 

We did this a few ways. In addition to speeding up the dashboard with new technology. We made some key changes. 

Separated campaign and account management. 

In the older dashboard account settings and campaign settings were mixed. This led to a lot of confusion and made it harder to find important campaign settings.  Now there is a clear tab at the top that tells you what campaign you are in, allows you to switch campaigns, and separately manage your account. 

This keeps common campaign functions on the left side of the application with simple explanations. 

Here is a quick snapshot of the new UI for a campaign home page. 

And here is a version marked up with some explanations. 

Giving information at a glance

It’s common for people to want to understand how things like emails are configured for their campaigns. We’ve worked to make this easier to understand with overview pages like the following “Send Emails” page. 

The “Push Emails” page is another good example of this. We make it easy to see where your leads are being sent and what other options exist. 

Have feedback?

I’m thrilled with the work done by everyone at KickoffLabs to get these customer focussed changes out quickly. There’s a lot more in here than what I’ve shown and a lot of work went into making a more consistent experience.

We’re currently working on some big upcoming features, but we always love to implement customer suggestions. If you have any feedback drop us a line at support@kickofflabs.com


Josh Ledgard

Founder KickoffLabs

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