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KickoffLabs 2.0 launches with custom forms, new themes, and a new designer!

By Josh Ledgard

Sep 11th, 2012

In June 2011, we launched [KickoffLabs](https://kickofflabs.com. In our first month, we made $10 and signed up only 30 customers. Things felt rather bleak, but we doubled down on those early adopters and started delivering on their feedback every week.

Fast forward one year. In the last month, we passed the 10,000 customer mark, saw the 500,000th lead generated from KickoffLabs, and passed 600,000 visitors to the pages we serve for you! We’ve decided again to listen to our customers and deliver on your most requested feedback.

Custom Online Forms

Go beyond collecting email. Learn. Want to ask your customers how they found you, what smartphone they use, or even just their name? Simply click, drop, and drag your way to awesome online forms inside any of our templates. Learn more…

New Landing Page Designer!

We’ve made landing page generation even simpler while adding options to upload your own image assets, insert videos, change the page layouts, use tiled background images, and much more.

Support for private page drafts and versioning

Now you can work on a private draft of your landing page while an existing version is published. Or simply keep your page private until you are ready to publish it!

Direct access to HTML and CSS editing

You either like sticking to the script or you want to get your hands dirty. Now you can. Click over to HTML and edit away. We’ve provided a handy guide for the technically inclined. If you’ve edited WordPress or tumblr themes, this will feel very familiar.

New Landing Page Themes!

Our existing themes may have been great for quick and dirty launches, but what if you want to promote your mobile app, feature a video, add a slideshow, or sell something? Now you can. Today you can start from one of 13 great themes including…

Themes for mobile apps…

Themes for selling…


Video and slideshow themes…


And much more!

We’ll be going into more detail here on our blog over the next few weeks, but in short…

We’ve improved page load performance significantly.

  • Collect stats and custom forms on your hosted pages via our API.
  • User merge tags in emails templates to use a customers name or custom theme data.
  • Check out our radical new electric blue color palate.

Login and check out the updates today!

We’re pretty excited about this update. We’re delivering on your most requested features, making a simpler experience, and setting ourselves up to deliver more value on a regular basis via new themes and app integrations that are coming soon. We’ve already added one since 2.0 went live!


Josh and Scott

Founders – KickoffLabs

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