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Introducing KickoffLabs

By Josh Ledgard

Mar 21st, 2011

You have a dream. . . you may have 10 dreams. . . but you don’t know which one is worth investing in, and the thought of getting started feels daunting. So you keep your day job instead.

We’ve all been witness to bad investments. Millions of man hours have been wasted building products, features and services without any real customer validation.

Everyone has seen a slow start to business because most of the effort goes into building the product while audience building is neglected.

At KickoffLabs our goal is to help you validate your idea, build an audience and launch your dream with customers and confidence.

We encourage you to join our audience today so that you can be among the first wave of people who have realized that getting started is simpler than you thought.


Josh Ledgard & Scott Watermasysk

Founders – KickoffLabs

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