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How to Run a Successful NFT Giveaway

By Meagan Kral

May 17th, 2023

Looking to mint or launch a new set of NFTs and grow an audience around them or an existing project? A giveaway with exclusive access and art is a great way to go. We’ve helped several people with their own NFT giveaways. Keep reading in order to find out more about hosting an NFT giveaway, as well as tricks and tips to make it as successful as possible!

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What is an NFT?

NFT stands for “non-fungible tokens.” A fungible item can be exchanged with another item that holds the same description. NFTs are related to the basic concept of cryptocurrency. Using a blockchain, cryptographic tokens can be created. Real-world items, such as real estate and artwork, can be represented through NFTs. You are able to convert the digital assets into physical assets, which makes the process run more smoothly. NFTs get rid of the need for agents, which allow artists and business owners to communicate directly. By using NFTs, business processes can become more beneficial.

Here are some examples of an NFT:

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club: This project was created by Yuga Labs. BAYC is one of the most valuable and sought-after NFT’s out there, because each avatar is different. No two avatars are the same. So far, the project has an all-time trading volume of $1,384,829,779 USD.

  • Art Blocks: Art Blocks allows global collectors to collect customizable art. Blockchain technology is used to create NFT artworks like no other.

  • NBA Top Shot: Much like a basketball trading card, NBA Top Shot allows users to collect “NBA Moments,” which are NBA highlight clips. Basketball fans all over the world love this NFT, as they can add to their basketball collection.

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What is an NFT Giveaway?

An NFT giveaway is very similar to a crypto-airdrop. Project developers give away free access to different kinds of NFTs, and these giveaways are usually provided before the official release of the NFT. These giveaways generate a lot of conversation, and drive more traffic in general to your site. If you create enough excitement around your NFT, you can actually increase the price of the token. Facilitating an NFT giveaway encourages users to join your platform. Free giveaways are often advertised on social media sites such as Twitter, Reddit, and Discord. This helps your token become more visible in the long run. There are a huge variety of NFT giveaways. Here are some of the main types:

  • Bonus Entry Giveaway. When hosting a giveaway, consider Bonus Entry Giveaway. This requires a potential customer to share your brand with others, or “follow” you on social media platforms. When these actions are completed, they get an additional entry into the sweepstakes contest that you are holding.

  • Product launch waitlist. If you want to generate hype around your NFTs, consider a product launch waitlist. This can be done through websites like Kickstarter, which allow potential customers to fund your project. If those who are interested begin referring their friends and family to your campaign, they can earn extra points and move up on the waitlist. This ensures that they get a top spot when the NFT is released.

  • Milestone Rewards Programs. As customers earn more points through referrals and purchases, they can reach certain milestones that allow them to be entered in different levels of giveaways.

  • Leaderboard giveaways. Setting up a leaderboard allows customers to move up the list, and if they complete certain tasks, they can take the top three spots and earn a giveaway.

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Actions to Have People Take in the Contest:

There are over 50 different actions to assign to your potential customers in contests! Here are some of our favorite actions for people to take in your contest:

  • Join your Discord. Discord is a popular website that allows its users to chat directly with one another, especially regarding gaming. This is a great place for people to offer free NFTs, especially if the NFT is gaming related. One of your actions can be for a person to join your Discord. Once they join, they can earn more points, or obtain another entry in your contest.
  • Subscribe on Twitter. Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites, as 23% of adults worldwide use it. A great action is to have your customers subscribe to your account on Twitter. Twitter users are also able to share your posts with others, which helps the word spread quickly.
  • Add their wallet address. A wallet address is a string of letters and numbers that enable you to send NFTs to your users. If a user gives you their wallet address, you can add points to their profile, or give them an extra entry in your giveaway. Plus, this makes it easier to send out your free NFT whenever it debuts!
  • Set up referrals. Get your fans to refer their friends, and use software that allows you to track referrals. You can generate a unique URL for every lead that enters the giveaway. Click here to start generating!

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How Can I Promote an NFT Giveaway?

Ready to promote your NFT giveaway? Here are some tried and true tips for promoting your giveaway with ease, making it as successful as possible:

  • Invest in quality NFT artwork. If you don’t design quality images to draw customers in, you certainly won’t have much interest in the NFTs you are offering. Find a quality artist that can design artwork that catches the eye of those looking for a certain NFT. You can promote your NFT launch by dropping a new picture every other day, which is sort of like a sneak peek. This will build excitement, and have others ready to receive the free NFT download.

  • Build an NFT roadmap. An NFT roadmap is related to the long-term plans you have for your NFT giveaways. When you are creating a plan, some important dates to plot out are reveal dates, when your mint date is, when people will be able to actually use your NFT, and so on. Be realistic when you create your roadmap!

  • Create an attentive community. You need a community if you want your NFT giveaway to be successful. This community will be able to share the news about your NFTs, which helps spread the news about your promotion. Use social media platforms to your advantage and start reaching out to similar accounts that have your interests at heart. Find others who want to join your community, and encourage them to reach out to their friends as well. Create posts that draw your community in! Describe your NFTs, why they matter, and what you hope to accomplish with them.

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NFT Giveaway Success Stories

Here are some excellent examples of successful NFT giveaways:


Grizzly gained 50k+ leads just by holding a simple contest! Grizzly made sure that they made everything simple, detailed, and easily explained. As a result, potential leads were generated quickly and efficiently, because they made their contest easy to understand. They put customer communication first, and took their perspective into account.

Grizzly Giveaway


Binance took a unique approach and encouraged customers to submit their NFT artwork. All the customer had to do was follow Binance on Twitter, and share their artwork with the hashtag #MyFirstNFT. In return, Binance selected winners and minted their NFT ideas.

Binance Giveaway


Unido held an art contest to create an official Unido NFT for their fragmented NFT hunt. By creating art and submitting to a simple Google form, Unido was able to generate plenty of interest and lots of leads by asking artists and creatives everywhere to contribute to their NFT hunt.

Unido Giveaway


Now that you have some ideas for your NFT giveaway, we hope you take the time to carefully craft your giveaway in order to make it meaningful, successful, and fun! Get started launching your next NFT campaign free at KickoffLabs Have any questions? Email our support team at support@kickofflabs.com.

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