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How to promote your landing page by leveraging your existing traffic.

By Josh Ledgard

Nov 18th, 2013

Landing pages work best when you know exactly who’s coming through the door and what they’re looking for. While a “one size fits all” approach may have worked in the past, the internet has grown exponentially and being mediocre means you’ll fail faster than ever before.

So don’t be mediocre!

Expand and qualify your traffic sources, and give top notch service to everyone who comes through the door. Here are some highly focused techniques for driving traffic to your landing page.

Specific Ads for Specific Landing Pages

Your first impression of a person is based on appearance. Until you actually talk to them, the only details you have are from their body language and how they’re dressed. Internet marketing is very similar. Instead of body language and clothes, you have traffic sources and keywords.

Knowing this in advance will allow you to optimize each experience accordingly.

Let’s say you offer a range of financial planning services. Four to be exact – taxes, insurance, investing, and retirement planning. You have separate ads for each one, but they all lead to your homepage, which obviously promotes all four services. You can do better than this.

If you know someone is clicking your ad on “how to save for retirement”, it’s better to focus on just that. If they want to learn how to save for retirement, give them that, and only that. You can talk about your other services later.

See the difference? Create a separate landing page for each campaign. Remember to also Think Outside The Adwords.

Co-branded pages for certain i.e. forums and companies

If you have a large portion of your traffic coming from one source, it might make sense to create a co-branded website. Look at this co-branded site between Intuit and 99designs.

The appeal of this type of strategy can be defined in one word: exclusivity.

In the example above, Intuit customers in need of design work benefit from an exclusive deal that was negotiated for our their behalf. And we all love deals!

Ideas of where you can use this:

1. If you’re creating a deal exclusive for members of a large online forum
2. If you’re doing a guest post for a site with heavy traffic
3. Large companies that have a strong brand name and reputation

Co-branded pages offer an air of exclusivity, so clients are more likely to buy.

Retargeting Campaign

Retargeting campaigns are a variation of your normal ad campaign. Just like an adwords campaign, it costs money to get people to click your ads. However, unlike a normal PPC campaign that casts a wide net over the internet, retargeting campaigns target people who have already demonstrated an interest in your product.

If a visitor leaves your website without converting, a retargeting campaign gives you a second chance to capture their attention. Always keep your visitor in mind. For example, if you’re retargeting visitors over Facebook, you need to make sure your landing page is short and simple with an easy call to action.

That’s because when I’m on Facebook, I’m a lot more “click-happy” than I’d otherwise be. Someone posted a half humorous joke? Click “like” for effort. Picture of someone’s dinner? Sure, let’s take a look. I can click through hundreds of pictures in a minute.

They might click your ad if it even slightly amuses them. For you, this could mean a really high bounce rate (and remember, you’re paying for each click). So make it as easy and straightforward as possible. All you need to do is get an email address.

“Promo” by KickoffLabs

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What do you think? Leave your comments below and feel free to share this with your friends!


Josiah Choy
Marketing – KickoffLabs

P.S. Really, it’s 100% free.

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