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Half of all emails are being read on mobile devices… do your landing pages work on mobiles?

By Josh Ledgard

Oct 10th, 2013

For each person reading this on their computer right now, there’s someone else reading this on their phone.  A recent study revealed that approximately 47% of all emails are opened on a mobile device!   The chart below shows the percentage of emails opened via desktop, mobile and webmail.

The trend for mobile has been moving up for a while now – last year around this time the number was closer to 38%. That’s great if you own a mobile carrier or satellite station, but what if you’re just running a business that has an online presence?

If a visitor views a landing page that is difficult to read or interact with, they will leave almost immediately. And you will lose their trust (sorry, it’s true). So that obviously means they won’t be willing to engage with your site or buy your product.

There’s no reason to lose leads because of this! Make sure your website and landing pages are optimized for viewing on a small mobile device and a computer.

Enter responsive web design, or known simply as responsive design. (It’s how every page at KickoffLabs works!)

Instead of creating multiple templates for varying screen sizes, responsive design eliminates the need for this by having a “liquid” design that automatically adapts to the size of the screen it’s presented on.

The same landing page looks beautiful on a phone and on a computer!  You can see that as the visitor scrolls down, the form and button automatically adapt with the images and form, instead of just getting squeezed.

The good news for KickoffLabs users is that ALL of our themes are now 100% responsive. You don’t have to add any code or change anything. Just focus on the content and relax, knowing it’s going to look great no matter where it’s being viewed… And to top it off, every EMAIL sent from your KickoffLabs is guaranteed to look great as well.

We love hearing from our readers – if you have any comments or suggestions for what we should work on next, send us a message!


– Josh, Co-founder KickoffLabs

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