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Get into the Webflow – Getting from idea to 30,001 subscribers on KickoffLabs

By Josh Ledgard

Aug 5th, 2013

Webflow is a great success story. Watching a startup like this go from idea, to 30,000 subscribers, to product in a few short months using KickoffLabs makes ours an exciting job.  We love creating opportunities like this and wanted to let them tell their story.  For that here is Vlad Magdalin answering some of our best questions. – Josh

1. Tell us about Webflow

Webflow is a responsive website editor built specifically for designers who aren’t too excited about writing code. Today, web designers have to jump between a lot of different tools in order to complete a professional site, and in most cases have to learn how to write HTML and CSS (or pay someone to do it for them). Our goal is to empower designers to build WordPress-quality sites that look great on any device, without a deep technical background.

2. How are you using KickoffLabs to meet your goals?

We’ve been using KickoffLabs for over a year to build our launch notification email list, and to power our social referral system. It has been incredibly powerful for us, and we’ve been lucky to grow our launch list to over 30K subscribers. At first, we ran completely off the KickoffLabs editing tools, and later moved to using the awesome embed feature when we published a more sophisticated landing page.


(Click to see their FULL custom launch page. It was awesome.

Now that we’ve launched, we’re developing a way to help our customers easily integrate KickoffLabs on their own custom landing pages designed with Webflow.

3. Who or what inspires you and why?

Our biggest inspiration comes from Bret Victor, who is a leading thinker in re-imagining what programming could look like in the future. My brother Sergie and I used to run Webflow as a small interactive agency, but shortly after we saw Bret’s “Inventing on Principle” talk, we dropped everything and decided to try to make a small dent in the universe by tackling at least a small part of Bret’s (and now our) vision.

4. What advice, tips, or tricks, do you have for other people starting a new campaign?

The social tools (from KickoffLabs) that made it easy for visitors to our landing page to share on Twitter and Facebook were a huge multiplier for us, so make sure you don’t discount or disable those. Also, we included an incentive to share in the message that visitors saw right after they submitted their email, so look for interesting ways to entice your visitors to spread the word about your product.

5. What do you like most about KickoffLabs?

Aside from the straightforward product and the great flexibility with the embed tools, we were really blown away with the support provided by the KickoffLabs team. In the past year, any time there was any issue with our landing page, someone from the KickoffLabs team was always either a tweet, email, or phone call away. In the early days, that was extremely helpful and reassuring for us, and it sent a great example for how we support our awesome Webflow customers today.


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