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By Josh Ledgard

Dec 13th, 2011

TrendLend brings them all together into one fashion community.

I LOVE their signup page.  It’s well designed, personal, simplifies the signup down to facebook, and uses the KickoffLabs API.  Oh, and it’s a good idea. Smile  Here it is in the words of Justin Carlson, founder of TrendLend.

Ever walked by someone with incredible style and wondered where they bought their outfit? What can I wear to look that good? How can I share my personal style? TrendLend is working to bridge this gap between fashion duds and divas by bringing them together into one fashion community. On TrendLend, users can express their individuality by posting outfits, sharing advice, and connecting with other fashion-conscious individuals.


Tell us about TrendLend

TrendLend will serve as a community-based website solely around fashion. Users can interact with one another by learning and sharing new styles, giving and receiving advice, and most importantly, putting their own spin on trends and spreading them to the community. TrendLend is not just a place for established style mavens, but it is also for individuals looking to develop, enhance, or even experiment with their styles.

For TrendLend, we not only envisioned a social fashion community, but we also strived to clearly differentiate ourselves from similar websites. Users will be able to tag their outfits and associate the articles of clothing to an extensive list of brands. This allows other members interested in that item an easy way to purchase it online. The tagging feature also aids users in recommending specific items to other members within the community. We not only want to make it easy for members to share their style, but also to collaborate with other users.

Who or what inspires you and why?

We are inspired by the idea that fashion should be easy. It is our opinion that anyone can be fashionable, it’s just a matter of providing inspiration and guidance. We wanted to provide a platform to allow individuals to showcase their individuality through what they wear in addition to helping those looking to improve their style. What better way than to create a entire community based solely around this idea?

What other advice do you have for other people just getting started?

One important thing when working with partners is to make sure you’re all on the same page. Everyone should have the same level of dedication and be striving toward the same goals.

What do you like most about KickoffLabs?

First off, Josh and Scott. They have provided us with remarkable customer support thus far and I’m sure it will only continue.

The next big selling point was the new API KickoffLabs released—this was the biggest reason we chose to move forward with them. We had a complex idea behind our landing page that would not have been possible without the new API. The main feature we wanted to include was a “Sign Up with Facebook” button and the KickoffLabs API allowed easy integration in doing so.

Also, since TrendLend is a community-based site, we added an image upload feature and a large wall for new members to post their photos. We wanted to add an interactive component into the landing page to catch the interest of first-time visitors and to visually present the community.

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