KickoffLabs Blog:

Following the Economy

By Josh Ledgard

Apr 11th, 2011

IMG_1540Another trend that we at KickoffLabs hope to capitalize on is the rise of the economy from the ashes. In one of our last posts I talked about how the new economy is forcing people to start small. But starting small doesn’t mean not starting.

I’ve intentionally tried to avoid using the word “Startup” as a target for KickoffLabs because of the techie connotation it carries and, more importantly, because I think the potential for products and tools aimed at ANY small business is much bigger than the tech “Startup” crowd.

Tons of new stores, restaurants, construction companies, etc are all going to be getting kicked off as I write this post. Creating a customer connection and validating their selection, price, and target as soon as possible should be drop dead simple. Everything torn down is going to be rebuilt with the help of engaged customers.

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