Email Marketing: Why it’s Important — and How KickoffLabs Makes it Easy

By Josh Ledgard

Selling your online business is a lot like dating: you make your site look as pretty as possible, you say friendly things to get your “date” (i.e., the customer) to like you, you expend all this effort to keep them interested (i.e., buying your product). It is exhausting!

And important. Business relationships require just as much nurturing as their romantic counterparts, and follow-up is equally important — and woefully neglected — in both.

Not to worry! Email can fix that in a jiffy.

What is Email Follow-Up?

Email marketing is the easiest way to do it – and we’ve got the tools to make it as easy and painless for you as possible:

You can do all this on your own. We know you can. But, you’ll have to juggle multiple tools in multiple places with multiple accounts. And write a ton of emails. And schedule them. And worry about keeping your message consistent to all of those different segments of your customer base. Total headache!

That’s a hassle. We make it easy. We put all that information in one place, along with the tools to manage it. And then we automate everything for you (because we love you).  We do all the hard work you don’t want to do, saving you time and effort AND making you look like a prince in your potential customers’ eyes. Score!  Check us out.

Why is this important?

Every single one of these interactions shows your interest in your potential customer. Reaching out consistently, with polite, personalized communication that’s specific to their interaction with your site, builds trust. That trust builds a relationship, which in turn builds business.

Make the most out of those interactions. They are impressions. Do not give your leads any reason at all to drift away from your message. Check in often. Be friendly and personable. Customize your response.

See how friendly that is? Why wouldn’t your customer want to share your stuff others if you’re that friendly?

Key Takeaways

In a sea of cold, unfeeling internet businesses, you stand out like a knight on a white horse by giving a personalized response. From a real email address. You stand out by being different – and that makes you look exceptional.

Let us help you become your customers’ prince charming. There’s enough frogs out there already.


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