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Eight tips for building an audience online

By Josh Ledgard

Aug 10th, 2011

A few of our customers have asked us how we recommend going about marketing their landing page to get more customer signups.  We’re working on a more comprehensive whitepaper, but here is the quick outline I’ve been sending people.

  1. Create buzz on other sites.
  2. Cover your social media basics, get a twitter account + a facebook page and make regular updates.
  3. Get a free blog and start talking about your ideas as much as possible.
  4. Work on in person networking. Have to win local to go national.
  5. Test google ads. You get $100 free for signing up with them… perfect for testing CTRs before you launch.
  6. Give away something for a signup. whitepaper, video, etc.  Knowledge has value and you can generate value for free.
  7. Engage people that sign up to get them talking with polls and newsletters.
  8. Make a name for yourself as an expert in related communities of customers.

What do you think? Do you have more tips for a new business looking to build an audience online?

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