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Dropost.it changes the way you share gifts

By Josh Ledgard

Sep 21st, 2011


Ty Mathen & Orrett Davis are the founders of Dropost.it. In this post you’ll get a glimpse of how far $100 can take you. They are taking their $100 and building something EPIC. You can follow them __@ODavis & @tymathen

__Learn more about dropost.it In their own words…

Tell us about dropost.it

Dropost was originally an idea that came out of Startup Weekend Tampa. The concept then allowed users to tag locations with text, pictures, videos and any other media. With that original concept we applied to Gazelle Lab a member of the TechStars Network in Tampa. Currently, we are 26 days into the incubator with 64 days remaining until demo day on November 17th.

Since getting into Gazelle Lab we have pivoted into a new direction that we are really excited about. Dropost.it allows users to leave gifts for friends at restaurants, stores, and at other venues. We are changing the way people share gifts with the ones they love.

We are building something we feel can be truly EPIC and disrupt the norm. Follow us @dropostit  to stay up to date with our progress and don’t forget to visit our awesome KickoffLabs landing page at dropost.it. Join our mailing list to gain early access to dropost.it and to learn more about demo day on November 17th.

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Who or what inspires you and why?

Family and friends provide the inspiration we need to keep going. We are all in, there is no choice but to succeed!

What other advice do you have for other people just getting started?

The best advice that we could give for anyone that is just starting out is to get seriously involved within your local tech community. Without our involvement in Tampa tech events and organizations, in particular Tampa Bay WaVE and Startup Weekend Tampa , we would not have been able to get this far. We shared part of our experience with Startup Weekend and the impact that it had on forming Dropost.it, during a guest blog post “How Far Can $100 Take You” .

Dropost.it startup tips:

  1. Have Integrity!
  2. Don’t be afraid to bootstrap
  3. Plan your attack and plan it good. Treat the startup process like a game of chess, make sure   you are planning five moves ahead!
  4. Be proud of yourself for taking this leap into the startup world! We can honestly tell you amazing things can happen fast!
  5. Last and most importantly PASSION and DRIVE, with that you are unstoppable.

What do you like most about KickoffLabs?

The instant access to create a launch page so quick!  As soon as we launched our KickoffLabs page we had several friends that were amazed with just how sick it looked.  We also love the insights that we are able to gather about the users that sign up. Mad props to KickoffLabs for building such a great product!

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