Black Friday/Cyber Monday Giveaway Ideas to Boost Engagement

By Hannah Denson

Get the viral boost you’re looking for with a Black Friday/ Cyber Monday giveaway. Customers love a good deal, but they love a chance to win something exciting even more! Get launched in no time with help from this article and our included templates. If you are still needing some inspiration, visit this blog for bonus ideas!

Why run a BFCM giveaway?

Black Friday and Cyber monday are huge days for business but it can be easy to get over looked in the midst of it all. It is vital to keep your audience engaged and informed with what your brand has to offer. There is so much going on in such a short time frame of excitement, that you’ll want to make sure to be on the top of their lists. A giveaway is not only going to be a great way to keep your audience engaged, but it also will help you stay consistent with your email list and give you something to talk about with your customers. It also can be an efficient way to generate excitement over a hot item you’ll be promoting on the day of.

Quickly Launch Your BFCM Contest

Launching a Black Friday/ Cyber monday Contest has never been easier with KickoffLabs. Use and customize our Black Friday theme template and use these Canva templates for emails, posts, your layout, or wherever you want them!

Bonus Entry/ Unlock Rewards Simple Giveaway Theme: Launch your BFCM contest in just a few minutes. Use our Black Friday theme template to create a simple enter-to-win contest with actions you want leads to take, or customize it to make it your own! It’s as easy as choose, drag, and drop. Get your brand noticed above the rest and generate leads for the holidays!

Black Friday Sweepstakes template

Cyber Monday entry form

Ways for Leads to Engage and Earn Entries/Prizes for BFCM

Encourage audience participation in a creative way with this quick list of some of our favorites:

BFCM Sweepstakes Grand Prize Ideas

Some easy ideas to get you started when you think about a grand prize for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sweepstakes.

Ripped paper "black friday" in bold

Early Access- BFCM is known for early mornings/late nights and long lines and glitches due to website overload. Give your audience something to ease their shopping experience. Early access is a great way to encourage sales by inciting a limited quantity sale tactic as well.

Exclusive Items- Offer a limited edition item either as the prize or simply early access to the specific limited quantity item. Another good way to go about this is offering early access to a brand new or exclusive item at a discounted price.

Store gift card- Sometimes it is easiest to just go with a gift card! This can be as simple as money to spend in your store or even for a local coffee shop in BFCM preparation.

A year’s supply- If you have the option of giving a year’s supply of your product, this is a very inticing prize option. There are common options such as meal kits, wine delivery, health plans- but you can do this with just about any product. A year of soaps, monthly clothing item, food, pet toys, etc are all great items to work with.

BFCM Themed Rewards Leads can Earn

A Black Friday contest is a great opportunity for one big prize through actions or a leaderboard to entice some friendly competition. If you plan to have multiple winners, mix and match these options- choose a higher-value grand prize, and either multiple smaller prizes of similar value or create a prize tier.

Whatever you choose, your audience is sure to love an opportunity to win during the holiday season. If you normally have a lot of Black Friday traffic, this will especially be exciting for those earning exclusivity and first priority shopping. Reach out to support@kickofflabs.com any time to get your perfect contest set up with KickoffLabs. Get started today!

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