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The best tools to pick a winner for your next giveaway

By Meagan Kral

Feb 26th, 2023

Everyone loves a free giveaway, add a bit of friendly competition and you have the recipe for a viral buzz-generating giveaway contest. Giveaway contests are an awesome way to drive brand recognition, grow your following, and build hype for your business launch or upcoming product drop, but managing a successful giveaway contest can feel a bit intimidating to those new to the game.

There are many ways to select a winner from a completely random winner selection process to a weighted selection process that allows your contest entrants to increase their chances of winning by performing certain tasks throughout the contest.

Fortunately, there are an array of tools, apps, and services available to help you set up and promote your giveaway contest. So, what happens when it is time to pick a winner? No problem! Whether you choose to DIY your giveaway contest or employ the help of an app or service, there are plenty of easy-to-use tools to help you select your contest winner easily, and fairly.

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Top Tools To Pick Your Contest Winner

The contest winner selection tools below cover the full gamut of giveaway contest styles. You will find simple free tools designers to randomly select a winner from your provided criteria, and more complex paid tools that provide a full-featured winner selection process.

Universal Contest Winner Selection Tools

Universal Contest Winner Tools

KickoffLabs “Pick A Winner” Feature

KickoffLabs Pick a Winner Feature

KickoffLabs may just be the best entry in the bunch for those who want a one-stop-shop contest experience. KickoffLabs is designed to aid users in conducting awesome giveaways, sweepstakes, and more across a range of popular social media platforms.

The KickoffLabs “Pick A Winner” feature blends seamlessly into the KickoffLabs giveaway contest process, allowing contest admins to set up, manage, and automatically choose a winner right from one convenient dashboard.

KickoffLabs is focused on using giveaway contests to help you generate viral buzz for your brand. With this in mind, the platform goes beyond the traditional contest winner generation mold by offering complex contests which allow entrants to win prizes and additional entries for participation throughout the contest.

RandomPicker By VeroMotion

RandomPicker by Veromotion

RandomPicker by VeroMotion is a paid random winner generator that offers a comprehensive contest winner selection process that can be used to select winners from raffles, giveaways, sweepstakes, and more. RandomPicker is not associated with any particular platform and can be used to choose the winner of any contest conducted on any social media platform or run independently.

RandomPicker is designed for transparency and accuracy. Users are encouraged to set up their account and run several test contests free of charge to familiarize themselves with the process and ensure that they are satisfied with the results before running a live paid contest. RandomPicker makes even the most complex contests simple. Register for an account, choose a plan based on the number of contests you intend to run, enter as many prizes as you like, and provide contest winner selection criteria.

When you are ready to run your contest, RandomPicker gives you the option of either manually entering contest entries or having entrants submit entries themselves. At the end of the contest, a random generator will select your specified number of winners based on your criteria.

Instagram & Facebook Contest Winner Selection Tools

IG and FB Contest Winner Tools

Comment Picker

Comment Picker

Comment Picker lets you randomly select a contest winner from the commenters who post to a specific Facebook, or Instagram post. Simply create your post and then log in to Comment Picker using your Facebook, or Instagram admin account and grant access to the post comments. Once you have confirmed that all necessary credentials have been provided correctly, you are ready to click the “Start Raffle” button and the Comment Picker will take over from there.

When compared to other random comment or name pickers, the Comment Picker stands out for its set-it-and-forget-it quality. There is no need to manually enter a string of names of comments into the tool to generate a winner. Comment Picker handles the entire process automatically.

Wask Instagram Comment Picker

Wask Instagram Comment Picker

Wask Instagram Comment Picker may be one of the easiest random comment picker tools you will find for your Instagram giveaway contest winner selection. There is no need to manually enter long lists of names, or comment threads. All the Wask Instagram Comment Picker needs to determine a contest winner is the URL of your Instagram Giveaway post.

Simply provide your specific contest winner criteria and the tool will use your specifications to search through the entire comment thread generating your winner automatically. Best of all, the Wask Instagram Comment Picker is completely free to use.

Giveaway Picker For Instagram

App store Giveaway Picker

The Giveaway Picker For Instagram App lets you choose your Instagram contest winner right from your iPhone or iPad. The Giveaway Picker For Instagram app was designed with convenience and safety in mind. There is no need to enter your personal Instagram credentials to use the app, and you won’t need to manually enter user names or comment threads. Simply download the Giveaway Picker For Instagram app from the App Store, and select the free trial to get started.

The Giveaway Picker For Instagram app makes the contest winner selection process quick and easy. Simply enter the link to your Instagram giveaway post, use a selection of prompts to enter your contest criteria, like the required number of tags, and how many total winners you will have, then let the app select your winners for you. The Giveaway Picker For Instagram app will even record the entire winner selection process for you so that you can share the excitement with your audience.

Arbitery Instagram Giveaway Winner Picker


The Arbitery Instagram Giveaway Winner Picker offers an all-in-one solution for selecting the winner, or winners, of your Instagram raffle, sweepstakes, or giveaway contest. The Arbitery Instagram Giveaway Winner Picker does come with a fee to use, but this powerful tool offers quite a bit of value for the cost.

The Arbitery Instagram Giveaway Winner Picker is a comprehensive random winner generator that lets you choose your winner based on the number or type of comments, hashtags, posts, likes, or any combination of these.

The value extends beyond generating a contest winner, the Arbitery Instagram Giveaway Winner Picker also allows you to create your very own contest announcement page to post your winners and generates a certificate displaying your official contest results to share with your audience.

Launch Your Next Giveaway at KickoffLabs

Are you ready to start your first viral buzz-generating giveaway contest? Check out any of the free tools above, or better yet, head over to KickoffLabs and let us kick off your viral giveaway contest. KickoffLabs offers a variety of templates to makes it super simple to build a giveaway for your brand in under a day. Reach out to support@kickofflabs.com any time to get your perfect contest set up with KickoffLabs. Get started today!

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