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5 Ways to Spark Joy and Get More Leads With Less Effort

By Josh Ledgard

Mar 12th, 2019

Marie Condo. Yes - our most recent webinar was strongly influenced by her hit show. Our goal was to demonstrate how you can apply the KonMari method to your lead generation campaigns.

Most of you are trying too hard. I know... because I get to see the stats at KickoffLabs and you'd be shocked at what works and what doesn't. That being said... here's a quick recap of what we covered. 

1. Throw all the campaign copy on the bed like the clothing you never wear. 

You need to understand the current scope of your campaign and how it all fits... if it does. Start with the copy. Copy and paste it all into a single document to see it all in context of each part. 

Does it make sense?

Does it flow?  Does one part lead into the next from a customer perspective? 

Do you need it all? 

Could you maintain the conversion rate with less copy? 

Why not find out!

My favorite landing page A/B test to have customers run is to compare a lengthy landing page versus JUST the header and call to action from the longer page.  This A/B test is a win even if they convert the same... you just saved yourself from maintaining a TON of copywriting. 


2. Next: Throw your design away

We've done a two part series on landing page design here, but you need to come to grips with ALL of: 

  1. The images in ads, pages, and emails
  2. The crazy fonts and text sizes being used. 
  3. The multiple off-brand colors. 
  4. The complicated layouts and styles. 

Catalog all that crap and then start cutting. Our general rules. 

  1. If you are NOT a professional designer... design fewer things. 
  2. Limit colors to 2-3 on brand colors. 
  3. Limit the fonts (mixtures of font families and sizes) to 2-3 per campaign. 
  4. Give each color and font a meaning... headlines, backgrounds, copy, calls to action, etc.
  5. The simpler a layout is the easier it is to read... especially on a mobile device.  

3. Toss the bells and whistles. 

These things are not helping you. We've put together a handy guide here: 

4. Add instant gratification for leads. 

What do I get for taking action now?  It could be a digital download or it could just as easily be a discount. 

5. Turn leads into promotors for a Viral Boost

Someone just took action... now is the perfect time to ask them for one more thing. You could be turning all of your leads into promotors with a viral campaign from KickoffLabs. Here are just a couple of examples that encourage people to share after signing up. 


6. Get all the advice...

Hear all the advice by watching the full video...

And downloading the slides.

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