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3 ways to drive more sign-ups today

By Josh Ledgard

Sep 16th, 2011

We believe that we’ll grow when you all succeed. So we’re going to keep posting tips here to help you drive more signups to your launch site.

**1. Say thank you creatively
** You can edit the auto-response that gets sent to new signups. In this mail you can include the users custom referral code as well as additional content such as your logo.  But it’s really important to stand out and make a great second impression. My favorite recent example is from the WhatIf conference.

**2. Answer related questions on Quora
** Quora is a fun question and answer community. You can find discussions about any topic there. Find your topic and start answering questions. Make sure that your profile links to your site and ideally find a way to weave your site into the discussion. Just remember to add value so it’s not just spam. :)

**3. Make it a competition
** Have yourself and your partners sign up to own site and generate your own referral links. Then see which one of your co-founders has the most influence! 

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