Boost sales by growing an audience of potential customers.

Collect emails with conversion widgets!

Collect new leads before they are ready to buy

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to turn visitors & “window-shoppers” into leads. Most visitors to your website will probably leave without ever making a purchase. What if you could turn more of those people into customers by capturing their contact information before they left?

Engage these visitors with an attention-grabbing offer in return for entering their email address and contact information. In just a few clicks, install our pop-up widgets to your existing website, WordPress blog, Shopify Store, or anywhere else on the web. Sell them into your mailing list so you can sell them products when they are ready to buy.

Get Viral Contests With KickoffLabs

Grow reach by leveraging your existing audience with viral contests

You have an existing mailing list that you can turn into an army of online marketing ambassadors. A social contest, designed to grow your audience, will do just that… Just ask your existing list to participate by liking, sharing, and promoting the contest to their friends. Your current customers will be extending your audience by promoting your brand.

KickoffLabs makes it easy to setup a contest just like this. Reward people just for entering or sharing your contest on social networks. Give away a second prize to the person who drives the most referrals and truly helps you grow your audience. This gives people incentive to both enter AND share.

Find out more about KickoffLabs for Contests here

Learn more than you ever imagined about your customers

In order to tailor an effective message for your audience, you need to know as much about them as possible. KickoffLabs gives you detailed demographics with Magic Contact Data and referral tracking with Influencer Reports. You’ll learn more about and create stronger connections to your most valuable customers.

Magic Contact Data
Survey Your Customers And Better Your Service

Get direct feedback from your customers with simple surveys

The best business advice you can get is direct feedback from real customers. Use our custom forms to create a great looking survey that you can send to your email list. Get immediate answers and solve business problems faster. Learn more about your buyers experience to better your sales process & customer service.

Reward Influencers For Sharing

Turn casual shoppers into brand ambassadors

Word of mouth doesn’t just happen… Great products have a built-in virality to share the experience with others. Turn any ONE of your customers into TWO MORE with simple links that we track back to them. Deliver automatic rewards or thank-you emails to people who share by referring a friend who also successfully joins up.

Give Your Signup Form A Viral Boost

Add a viral boost to your email signup form

Behind every customer are many more potential customers. Your signup forms will be optimized for sharing so that whenever a new person signs up, they’ll receive a unique referral link they can share with their friends and send you more leads. Using our unique built-in customer referral system, on average you’ll see a 30% improvement in signup conversions!

Deliver Free Value To Your Customers

Deliver value today to potential customers for FREE

To stand out in todays price driven, search first, online world; you need to deliver amazing upfront value and build your audience before they are ready to buy. Especially with high-ticket items or products that are not impulse buys, people want to know that you are an established and trustworthy retailer.

Use our landing pages and autoresponder emails to deliver helpful tips, eBooks, coupons, pdfs, and other materials that help build relationships with your customers.

Invite Your Team To Collaborate

Running a store tends to be a group effort… Get your team involved

You have someone who’s great at design, someone who writes great copy, and someone who truly understands marketing analytics… Invite them to join in your marketing efforts. Add team members to your account that can help you design, promote, and analyze the results.

Get amazing support for your online store

KickoffLabs is 100% self-service and we make it as easy as possible to get started right away, but we also love working with customers like you to help customize, design, and optimize the customer experience. You can hire us to build and deliver custom landing pages, contests, widgets, and referral campaigns, just like we’ve done for several successful ecommerce sites. Simply reach out and let us know how we can help you by sending an email to