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The ultimate guide to finding the perfect background image for your landing page

You have decided that a jaw-dropping background image for your web landing page is the right idea. Great!  But where do you find one that fits your business?

As with most website or business options, there are paid and free versions. Follow along as we go over each option, along with some advice you won’t want to ignore.


It Pays to… Pay?!

First things first, let’s look at the paid options available, namely because our customers have had a lot of success with the following services. Going with a paid option has a distinct speed and simplicty advantage:

  • Categories and tags – If you are pitching a pet store then you can immediately filter to pets and weed out all the random shots of peoples pets.
  • Right sizing – Most of the paid options offer the images in a variety of sizes. Most of the time you really only need the medium sized version that’s roughly 1600×1200 pixels. No need to try and optimize, crop, or resizing the image yourself.
  • Usage Rights – You paid for it… no fuss no muss.
  • Smarter search and browsing – Most of these marketplaces offer the ability to look for similar shots once you find some you like. If you value your time you’ll value this compared to the free approach.

Great paid options…

Shutterstock has 18 million high-resolution photos. For on-demand pictures ($19 for one, $49 for five – or a $249/month subscription) Shutterstock has reasonable prices and plenty of flexibility for larger operations.

At $12.99 for xl/vector pictures, Bigstock offers yet another choice for landing page images. A nice feature with this is additional categories, such as typography.

10 million pictures are boasted from iStock Photo, another major source of stock photography. Payment varies based on whether you pay-as-you-go or use cost-saving subscriptions (as with many other sites). This site has a strong community, as plenty of ratings and reviews are present for pictures.

Just over 16 million pictures are available at our final featured site, Fotolia.com. Compare low prices along with tags, categories, and other perks makes this another worthy stop on your royalty free stock photo search.

Enjoy the vast selections of images that are ready to land on your landing page.

Freedom from Fees

Not so crazy about spending money for an awesome background image?

Getting your landing page background for free doesn’t mean you’re cheap – you’re just a do-it-yourself kind of a person. Well, at least you’re finding the pictures yourself.

Bing and Google Image Search

As you can imagine, this option involves a lot more legwork. It will certainly require more hunting for the perfect picture. Try searching Bing or Google Images for “<Your Theme/TOPIC> Wallpaper” images for a good start. Both search engines have options to filter by size (You want X-Large), color (match your scheme), and type of image.

Take it yourself

I know some of your are budding photographers. You may already have the perfect image in your library.  It might be worth a peek and the advantage is that it will be more personal for you.

Exclusives for KickoffLabs Customers

If by now you haven’t found the right background image for your campaign. Well, we’ve got you covered. We recently added over 150+ FREE background images you can use on ANY landing page. There’s a great selection of people, places, blurred images, and amazing wood textures to choose from. No mucking about with paid or search options necessary!

Login now to start using the bonus included images or upload your own.

Best practices for choosing the background images

Now that you are browsing through image you might want to keep the following things in mind:

  • Color – Consider the color scheme you’ve chooses for your landing page. Is the image going to clash.
  • Test Images – Most of the paid services let you download small branded version of the image… so you can test to see if the full size one will look good.
  • Layout – Don’t center your form on the focal point of the image.
  • Distraction – Don’t pick and image that draws in the eyes more than your primary call to action.
  • No Image? Maybe you don’t need one. You can create some striking effects with basic typography with a soothing background color.

Check out our post on good landing page design for more advice. With some trial-and-error and a great vision, you can find that perfect background image for your landing page.

With all that… how do you find the best images? Did we miss anything?

- Josh, Co-founder KickoffLabs

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