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Introducing KickoffLabs Viral Incentive Emails

You won’t find this anywhere else! Viral sharing has always been included by default with KickoffLabs. This referral generation accelerates your growth much quicker than traditional approaches. Today, we are excited to announce the something which will take this to another level, Incentive Emails. Incentive Emails This is a feature you won’t find with any… Read more »

Drip – Marketing Automation Integration

We are big fans of Drip. We use it to power our LandingPages 107 course and a couple others which are currently under development. Even better, starting today, you can now connect any KickoffLabs campaign to Drip. This means you can leverage any KickoffLabs landing page, Opt-in form, WordPress plugin, Facebook tab, and even our… Read more »


You can now send your leads in real time to GetResponse. All you need to do is enter a GetResponse API Key and then select a campaign.   From there, we will send your existing and future leads to GetResponse. We will also send your KickoffLabs social_id’s and any custom fields to GetResponse as well…. Read more »

How We Use Marketing Automation at KickoffLabs

We believe in the power of marketing automation and customer segmentation so much that we recently invited Rob Walling, the founder of Drip (lightweight marketing automation that doesn’t suck) to teach our audience about the subject. Check out the webinar recording and slides here: http://grow.kickofflabs.com/marketing-automation And also be sure to check out the full, extensive… Read more »

Introducing Landing Page A/B Testing at KickoffLabs

While most people were enjoying some time off over the holidays, the KickoffLabs team has been hard at work getting ready to release one of the biggest updates to our platform. Today we’re proudly announcing the launch of A/B Testing (a.k.a split testing)! KickoffLabs now makes it easier than before to run successful A/B testing… Read more »

Landing Page Reviews

We’ve reviewed A LOT of landing pages over the past few months, here are the dedicated links to each article. And remember to visit grow.kickofflabs.com/live for your FREE landing page review. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7