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5 Important New Online Marketing Trends

Any Webmaster worth their salt will tell attest to the speed that marketing trends can change in the digital world. If you’re not keeping abreast of the most recent changes then there’s a high chance you’re going to get left behind. With the bleak possibility of being abandoned in a world of outdated internet processes,… Read more »

Launch like a PRO: 8 Hacks for Building Your Audience

Be sure to check out the video for plenty more hidden marketing gems! Let’s start things off with a quote (because who doesn’t love a good quote?)… “…it’s more important to serve a customer than it is to build a product. Remember: you’re here to solve a problem…” -Dharmesh Shah, Hubspot CTO and Founder One… Read more »

July 2014 Landing Page Analytics & Our Favorite Pages

We spend a lot of time analyzing landing pages at KickoffLabs. We know that the more successful our customer become the more likely they are to tell their friends about us… so this stuff matters. It’s also information we thought you might find valuable. July Conversion Rate 19% This is the conversion rate across all… Read more »

7 In-Depth Landing Page Reviews w/ Examples & Video

We’re back with more landing page reviews! This is a recap from our latest Live Chat: Your Landing Pages Reviewed webinar, which we host every other Thursday. You really should join us sometime. Here are the landing pages that I reviewed during the live webinar: Watch the video for marketing tips and strategies that go… Read more »