Create high-converting landing pages and send better emails — without IT.

Get more out of your ads, word of mouth and SEO.

Send customers to a tailored page that speaks to them. Keep them engaged with signup-forms, email replies and – best of all – a very cool, unique REWARD system for customer referrals.

Landing Pages

Choose the perfect theme. It’s as easy as plug and play.


Product launches


Mobile app sales


Click through "squeeze" pages


Lead generation

Publish pages—quickly

Create and edit pages yourself using our themes and design tools. You can even host your page on your domain. Our landing pages are ideal for:

  • Squeeze Pages
  • Coming Soon Pages
  • Lead Generation Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Online Forms
  • Landing Pages
  • Contest Pages

Customize to your heart’s content

Customize landing pages by simply filing in the blanks or go crazy with HTML and CSS if you know how.

Custom Forms Made Simple

Build forms so your customers can join your mailing list, register for a contest or event, and take simple surveys.

WordPress Landing Pages

Easily publish landing pages to any path, setup a welcome splash page or leverage our signup widgets anywhere on your wordpress site.

Mobile Ready

All of our themes work great on mobile devices.

Focus on copy that matters

Pick a great design. Set some options. Spend your time focussing on what matters… the copy.

Showcase Your Brand

We make it easy to add pictures, videos, and slideshows. Everyone can customize forms, colors and backgrounds

Facebook Integration

Publish your landing page to Facebook with just one click to turn fans into email subscribers.

Wordpress page

Animated facebook

Email Marketing

Make a great second impression


Convert someone to a loyal customer by delivering digital rewards through email and asking them to share. We also integrate with popular bulk email tools.


When someone signs up your account we’ll automatically send them a “thank you” email to show your appreciation.

Influencer Emails

Keep encouraging customers to refer friends and drive even more word of mouth… automatically.

Great Signup Forms

Collect email addresses from anywhere including your blog, WordPress Site, Facebook or dedicated landing page.

Supports MailChimp and AWeber

Keep a central list on AWeber or MailChimp? That’s ok. We play well with others and make it easy to integrate your favorite tools into our service.

Generate Referrals

Make a great second impression


Generate referrals 750

Make your traffic worth more.

Our unique referral generation system makes any campaign 33% more effective. Take engaged customers and turn them into advocates.

Influencer Emails

Automatically send mail to someone that sends you a new lead. Use this to reward and encourage more sharing.

Per Customer Link Tracking

Every one of your leads will receive a unique tracking link that they can use to send you new customers.

Easy Sharing

We make it dead simple to encourage sharing with quick links to popular social networks in the thank you messages sent to new signups.

Measure campaign performance

Learn more about your customers and improve your results.



Email notifications

Get alerted instantly when someone signs up or have regular status mails delivered to your inbox.

Learn more about leads

Who’s signing up? See their social profiles, age, location, and even their profession.

Identify influencers

Find influencers by learning who referred who and who delivered the most referrals.


Track conversion rates

How many of your visitors are converting by signing up? Do you know if you’re improving? We can tell you.

Adwords & Facebook Ad Tracking

It’s easy to connect your Google Analytics, Goals, Adwords and Facebook ad account to KickoffLabs and let them know about your conversions.


Amazing Support

Support is not an afterthought at KickoffLabs

Providing an amazing customer experience is a core belief at KickoffLabs. It’s what really separates us from other services. Write us at or call us at (877) 921-1031.

App integrations

With your other favorite tools and add-ons

Already use services like Google Analytics to track your web traffic? Love sending newsletters from AWeber or MailChimp? That’s ok. We play well with others and make it easy to integrate your favorite tools into our service.

Search engine optimization

Get indexed by search engines.

Our pages are already set up to optimized on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, and if you want to customize your settings, you can!

Hosting included

Use your domain on our hosting

Use your own web address—or even set up a subdomain off of your primary website, such as And hosting? It’s included for unlimited visitors to your page!