Writing a good auto-responder to say thank you

By Josh Ledgard

When someone signs up for your site/service/list you get a second chance to make a first impression… But how should you use it? Here are some general guidelines and a good example from a [KickoffLabs](https://kickofflabs.com customer.

1. Say thank you – You just got paid with someones attention. Show some gratitude.

2. Add some personality – Someone trusted your brand/message enough to give you their contact information. That creates a layer of trust so you can accentuate what they probably liked about your message.

3. Assign a call to action – You want them to do something next… even if it’s just to wait for your next newsletter.  Make sure that call to action is clear and don’t make it complicated.

4. Provide context – They may not read it right away. Make sure you remind them why they got the mail. Smile

5. Make sure someone can reply – I hate getting mails from donot-reply@somewhere.com don’t you? I want to know someone is accountable for this mail.


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– Josh, Co-founder KickoffLabs

PS. Learn a ton more about how an auto-responder can help increase overall conversions by checking out our “Ultimate Guide To Autoresponders” here.

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