3 Tips on creating a website for your Mobile App

By Josh Ledgard

With well over 500,000 mobile apps available today there is a lot of mobile app development going on. That number means it’s getting harder to stand out by simply publishing your app to the store.  Here are some tips that will help you build out a winning website for your app.

1. Start marketing your app online and getting customers before its done.

In order to get decent buzz on launch day you’ll want to have a collection of customers to contact that have self identified themselves.  In addition to the site you’ll want to spend some time on twitter, a blog, and Facebook talking up your app now that you have a site you can send people to.

KickoffLabs can help with that. In 60 seconds you could publish a coming soon page and start collecting customers that you can email on launch day. Here is a great example of an app site before it launched:



2. Use Promo codes on people that signed up.

Since you’ll be collecting customers with your coming soon website you’ll want to give out some free versions to some of the people that have signed up.  It may be a little lost revenue up front, but these are people that will help spread the word.

3. A launched app doesn’t need a complex website.

There is a simple list of things you should have on your apps website:

Check out the site for GoodDay Goals here:


In about 10 minutes on KickoffLabs you could have a site like this for your mobile app that can be submitted to the app stores as your apps home on the web.  Create a site for your app today!

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