The ultimate guide to profiting from social media posts

By Josh Ledgard

Yesterday we published another best practice essay. It’s the ultimate guide to extracting the most profit from the time you spend in with social media For our customers having a social media strategy is key to getting the word out about their product’s landing page. Here is a snippet…

5. Social media activities should be chosen as a reflection of your industry and your resources.

It’s true that Facebook and Twitter are the most common, but don’t forget that there are countless other platforms out there. Do some research and find out what is the most critical for you and your business.

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For example, I create affordable websites for new businesses. Imagine I decided I have a maximum of 3 hours a week to devote to socially engaging online. If the strategy for each were equally clever, which do you suggest I prioritize?

a.) Become an active member of the www.youngentrepreneur.com community forum

b.) Create a Facebook fan page for my business

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