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How to increase landing page conversions with great A/B testing!

Make every visit count with the right message We’re always editing the copy on our landing pages to see if we can sign up more customers. We test each change against the previous winner to make sure we’re picking the best message. This is A/B testing and you could be doing it right now with…

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Winner of last weeks A/B test: The Macbook Air Home Page

You may recall that last week we were running an big A/B test on our home page.  Well, the results are in. They were a little surprising at first, but I think they make sense. Option A: Text/Feature heavy with signup form on the first row.   Option B: Do we sell macs?   So…

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Place your bets… the latest KickoffLabs A/B Testing

We just launched a dramatic A/B test on our home page.  Minor tweaks had run out of steam with our current page.  We’ll call this A. See option A live Here is what we’ve learned about the current page: People say… “Too much text. “ “I don’t understand what you do. “ “Do you work…

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Experiment in Public

I love this discovery I found on the Harvard Business Review blog. Just under a third of companies with 1-10% growth preferred experimentation over other methodologies, such as statistical analysis, to identify revenue and operational improvement opportunities. Approaching half (46%) of companies with 11-20% growth prefer it, while well over half (56%) of companies with…

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