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How to Setup a Social Referral & Rewards Campaign Like Harry’s Launch with KickoffLabs

You’ve read about viral launches and have wondered what it would take to replicate that success for your business. We’ve also talked in the past on how to supercharge your conversion rate using social referrals. But let’s be honest… without a team of developers, a full blown refer-a-friend launch campaign is not easy to build…. Read more »

KickoffLabs Bounce – the easy way to DOUBLE leads BEFORE they abandon your site!

You’ve written amazing copy, selected the perfect background image, have optimized your landing page by getting feedback both from customers and professionals alike. What’s the next step to improving your signup and conversion rate? Introducing KickoffLabs Bounce – Exit Intent Widget KickoffLabs Bounce is a lead generation tool that can help convert visitors who would… Read more »

How Acompli Launched with KickoffLabs and Went On to a $200M Acquisition

Josh Ledgard, Co-Founder of KickoffLabs: Acompli is an amazing email application available on Android and iOS… this is their story of starting as a KickoffLabs customer, going well beyond that being recently acquired for $200 million dollars by Microsoft. It was interesting because when I saw the news stories coming across as the acquisition, I… Read more »

10 Online Marketing Lessons From 2014 That Will Drive Sales in 2015 and Beyond

In 2014 we, at KickoffLabs, witnessed 2.5 million conversion on our hosted landing pages and improved our own lead generation by 30%.  It’s time to reveal what all of these conversion have taught us about landing pages and online marketing so you can have an even more successful 2015. Here are the big lessons learned… Read more »