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How to promote your landing page by leveraging your existing traffic.

Landing pages work best when you know exactly who’s coming through the door and what they’re looking for. While a “one size fits all” approach may have worked in the past, the internet has grown exponentially and being mediocre means you’ll fail faster than ever before. So don’t be mediocre! Expand and qualify your traffic…

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Using AWeber with KickoffLabs landing pages and lead capture forms

We are excited to announce you can now officially connect a KickoffLabs landing page to an AWeber email list. AWeber, if you are not familiar is a premier provider of email marketing software. This means that any leads captured with KickoffLabs can be synced automatically with AWeber! This includes their email addresses and any custom…

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iPhone 5 – Learn marketing from todays most popular landing page

I love dissecting how the best companies in the world entice customers online. You can always learn something from the big guys because they have the budgets, research, and customer volume you dream about. You know Apple and Amazon don’t slouch when they design these pages.  When you don’t have the time or money to research the…

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Introducing the KickoffLabs for WordPress Viral Signup Form Plugin

Want to run a viral signup campaign on WordPress?  Take all the power of KickoffLabs and embed it in ANY wordpress site! Check out our new wordpress plugin.  I’m pumped about the possibilities! Make that ‘join our newsletter’ area fresh with viral mechanics. Create your own coming soon launch landing pages on wordpress. Build your…

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Drop the gimmicks and just love your customers

Every day I see tweets like this that piss me off: People of the web… you can do better. You deserve to be treated better. Your customers deserve to be treated better and I’ll show you how. You might say “So what… doesn’t your site enable people to do the same thing?” Yes, but there…

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