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How To Growth Hack A Conference

Scott and I (the founders of KickoffLabs), recently got back from Las Vegas… WOOT! But it’s probably not what you think… There really wasn’t any of this going on: What we were actually in Vegas for was to attend the awesome #MicroConf, a two-day conference focused on self-funded startups that are bootstrapping a business. A…

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Use Customer Data as Merge Tags in KickoffLabs Email Marketing

You’re asking customers for their name, email address, and favorite color. You want to use that information to personalize your email responders and newsletters sent with KickoffLabs. We’ve now make this much simpler. Below our email editors you’ll see a list of replacement tokens you can leverage based on the information you are collecting. We…

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Where’s your cookie?

Last week I stayed at a Hampton Inn and Suites. One of their perks is “cookie hour” whereby they have fresh baked cookies in the lobby from 8-9pm. It doesn’t get much better than than walking in from a long snowy day of traveling and finding yourself a fresh baked cookie. On my last night…

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PayyMe is getting personal tracking personal payments and loans

Big banks can’t help anyone track personal loans and debts. They aren’t in it to help out your friends. That’s why I love the motivation behind PayyMe. They are building a peer to peer debt tracking system. Perfect for the new economy. Here is the story in their words.  1. Tell us about PayyMe The…

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Customers will be hopping into your store with Kngroo

Groupon made targeting small businesses popular for startups again.  Even if their big IPO flops they’ve created an anti-walmart “I’m going to target the little guy” mentality and that’s exciting. One startup that’s targeting the “little guy” is Kngroo.  This is their story in their words.   1. Tell us about Kngroo Kngroo emerged from…

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