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Fix Your Blog’s Conversion Rate Starting With Low Hanging Fruit

So, you have a blog that’s not converting well? You look at other blogs in your industry with inferior content but impressive engagement and you wonder what you’re doing wrong and what they’re doing right. Here you are, struggling with zero comments, measly sales, and no community to speak of. It’s pretty depressing, right? But…

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How to Setup a Viral Waiting List Launch Page Like Robinhood with KickoffLabs

 You’ve read about viral launches and have wondered what it would take to replicate that success for your business. We’ve also talked in the past on how to supercharge your conversion rate using social referrals. But let’s be honest… without a team of developers, a full blown waiting list campaign is not easy to build. Especially…

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How to Secure 300,000 Facebook Fans, 50,000 Email Subscribers, and Crowdfunding

Josh Ledgard, Co-Founder of KickoffLabs: Rossa Shanks and his co-founder, Rich Brown, in the last few years have secured 300,000 Facebook fans; 45,000 Twitter followers; they crowdfunded their business… and most recently collected an additional 50,000 email subscribers on their most recent campaign for the Great Little Place app through KickoffLabs. What’s your background? What…

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5 Important New Online Marketing Trends

Any marketer worth their salt will agree that digital trends quickly change in the online world. If you’re not reading about your industry every day and staying up to date, then there’s a big chance you’re going to get left behind… This changing landscape and market means your audience is not only growing with each…

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