Swappist is an anti-scalper secondary ticket market

By Josh Ledgard

There is a huge future in the “barter-economy” and I’m rooting for Emily Kramer to be a big part of that future with Swappist. Here is their story. 

1. Tell us about swappist?

Simply put, Swappist is an anti-scalper secondary ticket market.  In friendlier terms, Swappist is a community of music fans who buy and sell concert tickets at face value.  We believe many fans are willing to sell tickets at face value if they know they will ultimately get a face value ticket in return.  Creating 1 to 1 trades is difficult, but in a large community of trusted fans these types of transactions are easy.

Swappist is built on the principles of paying it forward and supporting live music. We want to give our extra money to bands–by going to more shows, buying merch, and paying for downloads.  We want to spend time discovering and sharing new music, not stressing about buying and selling concert tickets.

If you feel this way too, share your email address at swappist.kickofflabs.wpengine.com and we’ll let you know when Swappist is open for swapping!

2. Who or what inspires you?

At the risk of sounding idealistic and cliche, we are inspired by live music and businesses founded on “good” principles.

Travis and I agree that there is no better way to spend free time and money and no better source of inspiration than a live show.  Some people think in the shower or on their commute home, I get ideas at concerts.

3. What advice do you have for people just getting started?

We are also “just getting started” and both have other full-time commitments–business school for Travis and I have a full-time start-up job.  Plus, we both have to keep up with a pretty intense show-attending habit. However, we both manage to find time to devote to Swappist.  When you find an idea that fits into your busy schedule and you genuinely think will make your own life easier, you should probably run with it.  In our case, we know we will kick ourselves next time we buy tickets at triple face value or sit at home when our favorite band is in town.  So that motivates us to overcome any hurdles.

The other advice is to use low-cost and free resources–like [KickoffLabs](https://kickofflabs.com.  Friends and families are also great free resources.  They give honest advice and feedback and if you are lucky one of them may even design your logo.

4. What do you like most about KickoffLabs?

As I said, its a low-cost (or free) resource.  We are focusing on product details and creating a prototype right now, we don’t want to worry about creating a social landing page.  Kickofflabs made this process really easy and now we have a simple and good-looking place to direct people interested in being involved in Swappist from the start.

Also, its great to support other entrepreneurs and developing products.  The team at KickoffLabs has been helpful from the start!

Thanks and we look forward to swapping with you,

-Emily Kramer and Travis Webb, Swappist Co-Founders

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