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Kickass Crowdfunding WITHOUT Kickstarter

21 Tips For Doing Kickass Crowdfunding WITHOUT Kickstarter (w/ Examples and Tools To Do It)You don’t need a crowdfunding platform (like Kickstarter) to run a kickass, successful crowdfunding campaign. You can do it all on your own site and on your own terms.Just look at KickoffLabs customer, Glowforge, who built an email list then ran…

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How to Collect 30,000 Leads by Faking It Before You Make It

Kube started with a business idea they wanted to validate: an on-demand book box made by booksellers who pick & send the perfect book for you.Using strategies shared in this post, they used KickoffLabs to organically grow an email list from 100 early adopters to 30,000 raving fans. With $0 in paid advertising! Check out…

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