About 8 months ago, we released the initial version of the KickoffLabs MailChimp integration.

This week, a major upgrade to our MailChimp integration has been released.

  1. You can now decide what type of MailChimp email is delivered (double-optin, welcome confirmation, or none) for both your existing signups and future signups.
  2. Our awseome KickoffLabs custom form data is now automattically sent to MailChimp for each signup.

These changes put you in complete control of the MailChimp integration and better enable our customers to leverage the power of MailChimp while still taking advantge of KickoffLabs simplicity and ease of use….and of course it literally takes just two clicks to set it all up.

Or to put it another way, Your email marketing campaigns just got even easier.

We made a quick video for you.

Be sure to look out for more awseom integrations like this in the coming weeks.

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