KickoffLabs Bounce – the easy way to DOUBLE leads BEFORE they abandon your site!

By Scott Watermasysk

You’ve written amazing copy, selected the perfect background image, have optimized your landing page by getting feedback both from customers and professionals alike.

What’s the next step to improving your signup and conversion rate?

Introducing KickoffLabs Bounce – Exit Intent Widget

KickoffLabs Bounce is a lead generation tool that can help convert visitors who would otherwise abandon your landing page or website.


Use it to increase new leads, signups, customers, sales… whatever your marketing goal, add it to your campaigns and watch your conversion rate rise!

What is an Exit Intent Widget?

Sometimes called an email popup, overlay, lightbox, modal… An exit intent widget is a tool you can add to any web page which attempts to capture leads as they leave your page.

When a visitor’s mouse/pointer attempts to leave the screen – by clicking the back button or closing the browser window –  it triggers an event which is used to show the exit intent sign up form in the same browser window, overlaying the main content.


Why Would You Add an Exit Intent Widget to Your Site?

It’s a known problem that users are very easily distracted and are often quick to leave even the best designed pages.

An exit-intent gives you another chance to get a user to sign up before they abandon your site completely.


Is An Exit Intent Widget Effective?

Bounce rate can severely hurt your campaign and landing page conversion rate. This is where a smart exit intent widget can potentially be very effective. Conversion rates can easily double when using an exit intent and a relevant, quality offer is made.

Exit intent widgets utilize a psychological techniques called “Pattern Interrupt” to disrupt the attention of your visitors. The attention is then refocused to the simple objective of signing up to your list, and can help counteract the elusive “Paradox of Choice”.


There are many case studies from reliable sources like ConversionXL, The Conversion Scientist and the KISSmetrics blog, that go into detail about how adding an exit intent can boost your conversion rate anywhere between 2% to over 600%!

Bottom line: KickoffLabs Bounce will get you more subscribers… and even if it’s a small percentage boost, every bit helps!

The key is delivering the right message at the right time in order to convert.


Where Can I Use KickoffLabs Bounce?

You can easily embed our exit intent widget into your KickoffLabs landing pages and opt-in forms, or onto virtually any site on the web. It doesn’t have to be a Kickofflabs page.

Is KickoffLabs Bounce Hard to Set Up?

Not at all. Simply create a Bounce widget, then install wherever you want the widget to appear.

A. Any KickoffLabs landing page can have an exit intent widget added to it by using the ‘Bounce’ option from the ‘On Exit’ sidebar tab from within the designer.

KickoffLabs Landing Page Builder Bounce Option

B. For those using other KickoffLabs widgets, KickoffLabs Bounce can similarly be added in the designer.


This is ideal if you’ve chosen to embed a KickoffLabs Opt-in Form on your site and not using a KickoffLabs landing page.

C. And finally for those who just want to use KickoffLabs Bounce on its own, it’s as easy as copying and pasting a few lines of JavaScript code onto your HTML site.KickoffLabs_Bounce_Copy_Code

Set up KickoffLabs Bounce

Now that you’ve seen what an exit intent widget is and how effective they can be, here’s how to start taking advantage of KickoffLabs Bounce for your site.

1. From your Campaign dashboard, click the ‘Pages & Forms’ drop-down and then click ‘Add New Page or Widget’.KickoffLabs_Bounce_Add_New_Widget

2. Scroll down to the Exit Intent Widget section, then click ‘Create a New KickoffLabs Bounce Form’.Create_New_KickoffLabs_Bounce_Form

3. In the following screen, give your KickoffLabs Bounce widget a descriptive name, then click ‘Build KickoffLabs Bounce’.Name_and_Build_KickoffLabs_Bounce_Form

4. Once your Kickofflabs Bounce widget is created, click on ‘Edit Bounce’ to style your widget.Edit_KickoffLabs_Bounce_Form

5. In the Kickofflabs Bounce Designer, you will find familiar options for customizing the text, colors, sharing options and more.KickoffLabs_Bounce_Edit_General_Settings

Test your exit intent widget within the Designer, by either clicking ‘Test Me Now!’ or by hovering your mouse outside of the browser window (as if you were going to click the back or close button).


6. Scroll down to the “Bounce Settings” section, this is where you setup the actual behavior of the widget.

“Aggressive” mode

By default, KickoffLabs Bounce will only popup once for each visitor. When it pops up, a cookie is created to ensure a non-obtrusive experience.

There are cases, however, when you may want to be more aggressive (as in, you want the exit intent to be eligible to popup anytime the page is loaded/ reloaded).

An example use-case might be on your paid landing pages. If you enable ‘Aggressive’, the exit intent will fire any time the page is reloaded, for the same user.

It’s also useful to check “Aggressive” mode when testing on your live site to verify the exit intent is displaying.


By default, KickoffLabs Bounce won’t popup in the first second to prevent false positives, as it’s unlikely the user will be able to exit the page within less than a second.

If you want to change the amount of time the popup is suppressed, you can select a range from 0 to 30 seconds.

Note, this is different from automatically popping up after a few seconds.


KickoffLabs Bounce sets a cookie by default to prevent the popup from appearing more than once per user.

You can set the cookie expiration to Session, Daily (24 hours), Weekly (7 days), or Monthly (30 days) to adjust the time period before the popup will appear again for a user.

By default, the cookie will expire at the end of the session, which for most users is when the browser is closed entirely.

“Show Automatically After”

KickoffLabs Bounce enables you to automatically display the exit intent at a predefined time.

This lets you ask a user to sign up even in cases where they did not intent to leave the current page. Valid ranges are 5 seconds to 10 minutes.

7. The “Confirmation” option lets you change the post-signup experience.

You currently have 3 “Template” to choose from:


Note, that if you choose to Redirect to another page after signup (like to a dedicated thank you page), the “Confirmation” option will have no effect.

8. “Redirect Options” allows you to redirect new signups to another page in your campaign or to any other custom URL (it doesn’t have to be a KickoffLabs page)!


With KickoffLabs complete lead generation tools, you have the option to redirect leads to a viral thank you page – complete with social referrals and rewards!

9. Once you’ve updated the look and content of your KickoffLabs Bounce. Be sure to click ‘Save’, then click ‘Get the Code’ to exit the designer. KickoffLabs_Bounce_Save_Edit_Click_Get_Code

Installing KickoffLabs Bounce

Now that your KickoffLabs Bounce is setup, let’s get to installing it either onto your KickoffLabs landing pages or copy-and-paste the code onto your own custom site.

A. Install Bounce onto a KickoffLabs Landing Page or Opt-in Form:

1. Click the ‘Campaign’ button to go back to the main Campaign screen.KickoffLabs_Bounce_Click_Back_to_Campaign

2. Locate the Landing Page (or Opt-in Form) where you would like to install the Bounce widget and click ‘Edit’ Page’.KickoffLabs_Bounce_Click_Edit_Page

3. From the sidebar, click the ‘On Exit’ tab to access the KickoffLabs Bounce option.KickoffLabs_Bounce_On_Exit_Sidebar_Tab

4. From the ‘Bounce’ drop-down, click the Bounce widget you created earlier.KickoffLabs_Bounce_Assign_Widget

5. Click ‘Publish’ to publish your Bounce widget to your live landing page (your changes will be automatically saved).KickoffLabs_Bounce_Publish_Landing_Page

All set! Your KickoffLabs Bounce is now correctly installed onto your KickoffLabs Landing Page.

B. Install Bounce onto a Custom Site:

1. Highlight and copy the entire code provided by KickoffLabs.KickoffLabs_Bounce_Copy_Code

2. Open up your HTML editor of choice (I’m using Sublime Text, but any text editor, like Microsoft Notepad, will do).

Copy and paste the code onto your site, preferably just before the closing </body> tag.


Depending on your access rights or comfort level editing your site code, you may want to ask you developer to assist you.

Or send an email to support@kickofflabs.com and we’ll help get the widget installed onto your site.

3. Save your changes and you should now see your newly installed KickoffLabs Bounce.


Did you notice the viral thank you page that new leads see after signing up?

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