July 2014 Landing Page Analytics & Our Favorite Pages

By Josh Ledgard

We spend a lot of time analyzing landing pages at KickoffLabs. We know that the more successful our customer become the more likely they are to tell their friends about us… so this stuff matters. It’s also information we thought you might find valuable.

July Conversion Rate


This is the conversion rate across all the landing pages on our platform. This means that for every 100 unique visitors to a landing page 19 of them gave their email address to the page owner in exchange for something.

July Viral Boost


That means 27% of the leads captured by KickoffLabs came from our refer a friend viral tools. If you aren’t encouraging leads to share your landing page it’s clear that you are missing out. BTW – we make this really easy.

July Age Groups


Almost one third of the people that signed up on a landing page in July were between the ages of 25 and 35. 36 to 45 was the second highest grouping.

July Gender


July belonged to campaigns targeted at women as over 70% of the leads generated were female.


July’s Favorite Pages

These are some of our favorite pages for the month of July.

Favorite Contest Page


Scoperks hosted a fitbit giveaway that yielded some great results with our “Three Step” contest theme.

Favorite Launch Page


I loved the Team launch page so much we used them as an example in one of our webinars. They used our “Small Box” launch theme, but really made it their own.

Favorite Lead Generation Page


I loved seeing someone use the KickoffLabs “Grand Headline” page to drum up nominations for an upcoming awards show.


That’s it for now.  If you aren’t getting a viral boost with your landing page and would like to get one…

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