Introducing Promo by KickoffLabs!

By Josh Ledgard

If you’ve ever wanted to promote something on your websites, you know it needs to stand out without being intrusive. You want a simple way to drive traffic from your main website back to your landing pages, contests, email signup, or special promotions.

We looked at all the promotions that we’ve done and that our customers have done. We figured out what worked and what didn’t and built all that knowledge into one simple, free, solution that we’re now sharing with you!

I want to promote stuff for FREE!


What is it?

Promo is a friendly widget you can add to your website to point visitors in the right direction. It sits on the bottom of your website and can be used to promote your contests, redirect visitors to your landing pages, or inform them of something new you’re working on. It can also take the shape of a box, diamond or circle!

You’ll be able to:

And if visitors don’t want to see it, they can simply minimize it and continue on with what they were doing.

Best of all… It’s free!

Create your own promo tab here.

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