How to create a personal greeting on landing pages for visitors from their own friends!

By Josh Ledgard

It’s no secret that someone is much more likely to become a customer if they discovered your business on the recommendation from a friend.

At KickoffLabs we’ve brought that level of word of mouth personalization to your landing pages. You can now have personalized greetings on your landing pages just like the ones Glowforge used to launch the largest crowdfunding campaign in history!

Here is an example of what someone might see if a friend shared and sent them to one of your landing pages:

This could be HUGE for your conversion rate and it’s a feature that’s exclusive to KickoffLabs!

How to put this on your landing pages at KickoffLabs

  1. First you need to have a KickoffLabs account.

  2. Then you need to create a campaign with at least one landing page on it.

  3. Within the campaign settings you need to enable “Enhanced Personalization” 

  1. Open a landing page to edit.

  2. On that landing page you need to click the “Add Content Bar”, select “Viral Sharing” and drag the “Personalized Greeting” block onto your landing page.

From there you can change the layout, colors, and greeting text that’s used.

If someone looks at your landing page without a referral the personalized greeting content won’t show up. But if someone looks at your landing page from a referral we’ll use any name and social profile data we have to populate the message for you! Here is an example of the greeting used right above the form: 


Check it out and let us know what you think. We’re going to be doing a lot more with this feature in the future.

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