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Turn your Instapage landing pages into smarter, more viral campaigns that get you more leads!

We love our landing page templates at KickoffLabs. They convert really well for our customers, but we know that we’ll never build enough templates to satisfy everyone.

Some customers have told us Instapage is a great landing page builder but it’s not going to help you build a smarter campaign. That’s where we come in.

Announcing KickoffLabs AnyForm for Instapage

KickoffLabs AnyForm - kickofflabs_instapage_com

Get a 35% landing page conversion lift TODAY with KickoffLabs AnyForm for Instapage

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By simply taking an extra couple of minutes to setup and connect KickoffLabs AnyForm to your Instapage, you’ll unlock features that were previously only available to KickoffLabs landing pages.

Here’s how you’ll benefit:

  • Generate 35% (and likely more) leads
  • Run more engaging contests
  • Separate and segment your campaigns
  • Get a TON of customer demographic data back
  • Send out automatic email replies
  • Fraud protection
  • And more…

If Instapage is your landing page builder of choice that’s totally cool with us. We still offer the best resources for building, testing and marketing your landing pages.

This is our most recent addition to our AnyForm widgets for Unbounce and LeadPages. We like to offer complete freedom to use ANY landing page builder you want.

Setup is super simple and only requires you generate a small bit of code that is then copied into your Instapage settings.

To get started:

  1. Log into your KickoffLabs account
  2. Add a thank you page to your account.
  3. Go to create a new landing page or widget
  4. Pick “AnyForm for Instapage”

KickoffLabs AnyForm for Instapage option

From there, you’ll be guided on how to easily install KickoffLabs AnyForm script onto your page.

Want to see how KickoffLabs AnyForm can transform your Instapage landing page? Click here and signup to see it in action!

Now that you know how to almost instantly improve the conversion rate of any Instapage landing page… get started by signing up for your free account today!


Add a Viral Boost to your LeadPages with KickoffLabs AnyForm

There are lots of ways to build landing pages. We like how we do it, but we won’t judge (well… maybe a little) if you are already have a page published elsewhere.

But what if you could keep your landing page where it is today and still get all the viral boost and other benefits of KickoffLabs?

Last week we announced KickoffLabs AnyForm for Unbounce and the response has been great!

Today, we’re announcing KickoffLabs AnyForm for LeadPages.

Just like our Unbounce integration, you can still leverage everything built into LeadPages….you just now have the opportunity to:

  • Generate 35% (and likely more) leads
  • Run more engaging contests
  • Get a TON of customer demographic data back
  • Automatic email replies
  • Fraud protection
  • And more…

Not too bad for copying and pasting a couple of lines of growthacking script goodness.

To get started

  1. Log into your KickoffLabs account
  2. Add a thank you page to your account.
  3. Go to create a new landing page or widget
  4. Pick “AnyForm for LeadPages”


Then simply follow the instructions you see…

And just like last week, the word on the street is more integrations are on their way!

Get 35% more conversions on Unbounce landing pages TODAY with KickoffLabs Anyform for Unbounce

I have two secrets to share with you.

First, KickoffLabs is not the only place on the inter-tubes to build and host a landing page. (shhh….don’t tell anyone else.)

Each landing page platform does things a little differently, yet I’ve never considered KickoffLabs simply a landing page generator. Landing pages are a means to an end… helping people like you get more high-quality leads, a great opt-in conversion rate, and virally growing your audience. That’s what we do best.

Without a doubt, KickoffLabs is the best platform for running viral lead generation, launch, and social contest campaigns. Our focus is on the entire campaign… the landing page is just a part of it.

For one reason or another, we have had customers who want to build their main landing page on another platform and still take advantage of KickoffLabs smarter campaign functionality:

Before today, if you wanted use the features above you had to host your landing page on KickoffLabs.

Announcing – KickoffLabs AnyForm for Unbounce.

KickoffLabs AnyForm for Unbounce

Turn your Unbounce landing page into a super viral campaign without relying on I.T. or web development teams.

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We have made it super easy to integrate KickoffLabs into your Unbounce pages. The set up is simple and takes just a minute and a bit of copy & pasting.

Once completed, your Unbounce page will function exactly like it did before except it is now able to take advantage of every KickoffLabs feature (did we mention you can now add our Exit Intent widget to your Unbounce pages as well).


Want to see it in action? Click here to have a go!


The second secret….

Unbounce is the first, but it is not the last place we are going to offer this type of integration. We already had a simple AnyForm solution for your custom HTML (self hosted) pages. Soon we’ll be adding simple integrations with more providers.

Use any solution you want to build a landing page… but leverage us if you want smarter campaigns.


Introducing KickoffLabs Smart A/B Testing for Landing Pages

We just shipped KickoffLabs Smart A/B Testing! This is going to double the number of conversions captured for customers running A/B tests. Want to learn how? Read on…

Smart A/B Testing
Smarter A/B Testing is now the default!


Some background about A/B testing

We were very reluctant to add A/B testing to KickoffLabs. It’s a pretty recent addition for us.

We firmly believed in the principals behind A/B testing and run experiments at KickoffLabs all the time. However, we’ve always had three major concerns that we don’t believe any solution has really addressed.

  1. Customers tend to focus on the testing and ignore how important it is to simply generate traffic and write compelling copy. A 5% conversion rate improvement is great unless it’s only impacting 100 unique views in a month. Then it’s only 5 more leads.
  2. To see statistically relevant results you need to generate quite a bit of traffic. It’s easy to call tests too early and not let them run long enough to see if you have really made a difference or have just seen a bump because it’s new and not actually better.
  3. Testing radical changes comes with the risk of losing conversions. If you have a great landing page, that converts at 35%, and you start testing one that converts at 10%… you lost a LOT of potential conversions just to find out you came up with a terrible variation.

When we finally released A/B testing at KickoffLabs we intentionally kept it simple.  Our goal was not to compete head to head with dedicated A/B platforms like VWO and Optimizely. We simply wanted to see how our customers would use the tests and how we could improve their results over time.

Turns out that our customers love the feature, but a lot of them still see the three issues listed above. People see favorable results and call tests too early that are not statistically relevant and they also lose a lot of conversions with bad tests.

How could we stop the madness?

Fast forward six months. Josh and I were both in attendance at Microconf 2015 when the always excellent Joanna Wiebe of CopyHackers was dropping some impressive copy knowledge. In passing she mentioned  “Multi-Arm Bandit Experiments”.

The name “multi-armed bandit” describes a hypothetical experiment where you face several slot machines (“one-armed bandits”) with potentially different expected payouts. You want to find the slot machine with the best payout rate, but you also want to maximize your winnings. The fundamental tension is between “exploiting” arms that have performed well in the past and “exploring” new or seemingly inferior arms in case they might perform even better. There are highly developed mathematical models for managing the bandit problem, which we use in Google Analytics content experiments.

We (ok, I) quickly read the research and knew this is exactly what we needed to help customers make the most of A/B testing with limited traffic.

So we built it!

What makes this a smarter A/B testing solution?

Every lead is vitally important to your business. You work very hard to get those potential leads to your landing pages. A/B testing does an excellent job of helping you optimize your conversion process. However, an unfortunate consequence of this is that some of your potential leads are lost in the validation process.

Using the Multi-Arm Bandit algorithm helps minimize this waste. Our early calculations proved that it could lead to nearly double the actual number of conversions for our customers running A/B tests.

You can now have your cake and eat it too.

What do I have to do to use it?

Nothing. Simply create a new A/B test and keep all the defaults.

I fear SkyNet and want to control my own A/B weighting

No problem. Just click the ‘use manual weighting’ checkbox and you are back in the drivers seat.

KickoffLabs Bounce – the easy way to DOUBLE leads BEFORE they abandon your site!

You’ve written amazing copy, selected the perfect background image, have optimized your landing page by getting feedback both from customers and professionals alike.

What’s the next step to improving your signup and conversion rate?

Introducing KickoffLabs Bounce – Exit Intent Widget

KickoffLabs Bounce is a lead generation tool that can help convert visitors who would otherwise abandon your landing page or website.


Use it to increase new leads, signups, customers, sales… whatever your marketing goal, add it to your campaigns and watch your conversion rate rise!

What is an Exit Intent Widget?

Sometimes called an email popup, overlay, lightbox, modal… An exit intent widget is a tool you can add to any web page which attempts to capture leads as they leave your page.

When a visitor’s mouse/pointer attempts to leave the screen – by clicking the back button or closing the browser window –  it triggers an event which is used to show the exit intent sign up form in the same browser window, overlaying the main content.


Why Would You Add an Exit Intent Widget to Your Site?

It’s a known problem that users are very easily distracted and are often quick to leave even the best designed pages.

An exit-intent gives you another chance to get a user to sign up before they abandon your site completely.


Is An Exit Intent Widget Effective?

Bounce rate can severely hurt your campaign and landing page conversion rate. This is where a smart exit intent widget can potentially be very effective. Conversion rates can easily double when using an exit intent and a relevant, quality offer is made.

Exit intent widgets utilize a psychological techniques called “Pattern Interrupt” to disrupt the attention of your visitors. The attention is then refocused to the simple objective of signing up to your list, and can help counteract the elusive “Paradox of Choice”.


There are many case studies from reliable sources like ConversionXL, The Conversion Scientist and the KISSmetrics blog, that go into detail about how adding an exit intent can boost your conversion rate anywhere between 2% to over 600%!

Bottom line: KickoffLabs Bounce will get you more subscribers… and even if it’s a small percentage boost, every bit helps!

The key is delivering the right message at the right time in order to convert.


Where Can I Use KickoffLabs Bounce?

You can easily embed our exit intent widget into your KickoffLabs landing pages and opt-in forms, or onto virtually any site on the web. It doesn’t have to be a Kickofflabs page.

Is KickoffLabs Bounce Hard to Set Up?

Not at all. Simply create a Bounce widget, then install wherever you want the widget to appear.

A. Any KickoffLabs landing page can have an exit intent widget added to it by using the ‘Bounce’ option from the ‘On Exit’ sidebar tab from within the designer.

KickoffLabs Landing Page Builder Bounce Option

B. For those using other KickoffLabs widgets, KickoffLabs Bounce can similarly be added in the designer.


This is ideal if you’ve chosen to embed a KickoffLabs Opt-in Form on your site and not using a KickoffLabs landing page.

C. And finally for those who just want to use KickoffLabs Bounce on it’s own, it’s as easy as copying and pasting a few lines of JavaScript code onto your HTML site.KickoffLabs_Bounce_Copy_Code

Set up KickoffLabs Bounce

Now that you’ve seen what an exit intent widget is and how effective they can be, here’s how to start taking advantage of KickoffLabs Bounce for your site.

1. From your Campaign dashboard, click the ‘Pages & Forms’ drop-down and then click ‘Add New Page or Widget’.KickoffLabs_Bounce_Add_New_Widget

2. Scroll down to the Exit Intent Widget section, then click ‘Create a New KickoffLabs Bounce Form’.Create_New_KickoffLabs_Bounce_Form

3. In the following screen, give your KickoffLabs Bounce widget a descriptive name, then click ‘Build KickoffLabs Bounce’.Name_and_Build_KickoffLabs_Bounce_Form

4. Once your Kickofflabs Bounce widget is created, click on ‘Edit Bounce’ to style your widget.Edit_KickoffLabs_Bounce_Form

5. In the Kickofflabs Bounce Designer, you will find familiar options for customizing the text, colors, sharing options and more.KickoffLabs_Bounce_Edit_General_Settings

Test your exit intent widget within the Designer, by either clicking ‘Test Me Now!’ or by hovering your mouse outside of the browser window (as if you were going to click the back or close button).


6. Scroll down to the “Bounce Settings” section, this is where you setup the actual behavior of the widget.

“Aggressive” mode

By default, KickoffLabs Bounce will only popup once for each visitor. When it pops up, a cookie is created to ensure a non-obtrusive experience.

There are cases, however, when you may want to be more aggressive (as in, you want the exit intent to be eligible to popup anytime the page is loaded/ reloaded).

An example use-case might be on your paid landing pages. If you enable ‘Aggressive’, the exit intent will fire any time the page is reloaded, for the same user.

It’s also useful to check “Aggressive” mode when testing on your live site to verify the exit intent is displaying.


By default, KickoffLabs Bounce won’t popup in the first second to prevent false positives, as it’s unlikely the user will be able to exit the page within less than a second.

If you want to change the amount of time the popup is suppressed, you can select a range from 0 to 30 seconds.

Note, this is different from automatically popping up after a few seconds.


“Cookie Expire”

KickoffLabs Bounce sets a cookie by default to prevent the popup from appearing more than once per user.

You can set the cookie expiration to Session, Daily (24 hours), Weekly (7 days), or Monthly (30 days) to adjust the time period before the popup will appear again for a user.

By default, the cookie will expire at the end of the session, which for most users is when the browser is closed entirely.

“Show Automatically After”

KickoffLabs Bounce enables you to automatically display the exit intent at a predefined time.

This lets you ask a user to sign up even in cases where they did not intent to leave the current page. Valid ranges are 5 seconds to 10 minutes.

7. The “Confirmation” option lets you change the post-signup experience.

You currently have 3 “Template” to choose from:

  • ‘social_share’ will display a custom thank you message, social network buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Email sharing, along with their unique social referral link.
  • ‘simple_share’ will display a custom thank you message along with their social referral link.
  • ‘no_share’ will only display a custom thank you message.


Note, that if you choose to Redirect to another page after signup (like to a dedicated thank you page), the “Confirmation” option will have no effect.

8. “Redirect Options” allows you to redirect new signups to another page in your campaign or to any other custom URL (it doesn’t have to be a KickoffLabs page)!


With KickoffLabs complete lead generation tools, you have the option to redirect leads to a viral thank you page – complete with social referrals and rewards!

9. Once you’ve updated the look and content of your KickoffLabs Bounce. Be sure to click ‘Save’, then click ‘Get the Code’ to exit the designer. KickoffLabs_Bounce_Save_Edit_Click_Get_Code

Installing KickoffLabs Bounce

Now that your KickoffLabs Bounce is setup, let’s get to installing it either onto your KickoffLabs landing pages or copy-and-paste the code onto your own custom site.

A. Install Bounce onto a KickoffLabs Landing Page or Opt-in Form:

1. Click the ‘Campaign’ button to go back to the main Campaign screen.KickoffLabs_Bounce_Click_Back_to_Campaign

2. Locate the Landing Page (or Opt-in Form) where you would like to install the Bounce widget and click ‘Edit’ Page’.KickoffLabs_Bounce_Click_Edit_Page

3. From the sidebar, click the ‘On Exit’ tab to access the KickoffLabs Bounce option.KickoffLabs_Bounce_On_Exit_Sidebar_Tab

4. From the ‘Bounce’ drop-down, click the Bounce widget you created earlier.KickoffLabs_Bounce_Assign_Widget

5. Click ‘Publish’ to publish your Bounce widget to your live landing page (your changes will be automatically saved).KickoffLabs_Bounce_Publish_Landing_Page

All set! Your KickoffLabs Bounce is now correctly installed onto your KickoffLabs Landing Page.

B. Install Bounce onto a Custom Site:

1. Highlight and copy the entire code provided by KickoffLabs.KickoffLabs_Bounce_Copy_Code

2. Open up your HTML editor of choice (I’m using Sublime Text, but any text editor, like Microsoft Notepad, will do).

Copy and paste the code onto your site, preferably just before the closing </body> tag.


Depending on your access rights or comfort level editing your site code, you may want to ask you developer to assist you.

Or send an email to and we’ll help get the widget installed onto your site.

3. Save your changes and you should now see your newly installed KickoffLabs Bounce.


Did you notice the viral thank you page that new leads see after signing up?

Ready to Start Increasing Your Conversion Rate?

Log in to your account and easily build your KickoffLabs Bounce Exit Intent Widget now.

Don’t have a KickoffLabs account yet? Click here to sign up for free.

Drip – Marketing Automation Integration

We are big fans of Drip. We use it to power our LandingPages 107 course and a couple others which are currently under development.

Even better, starting today, you can now connect any KickoffLabs campaign to Drip.

Setting up Drip in KickoffLabs

This means you can leverage any KickoffLabs landing page, Opt-in form, WordPress plugin, Facebook tab, and even our API to send all your leads to any of your Drip campaigns.


You can now send your leads in real time to GetResponse.

All you need to do is enter a GetResponse API Key and then select a campaign.

Setup GetResponse in KickoffLabs


From there, we will send your existing and future leads to GetResponse. We will also send your KickoffLabs social_id’s and any custom fields to GetResponse as well.

This is the first of many new integrations we expect to roll out this year. If you have any other suggestions, please let us know at

Make it a Party! Introducing Multi User Accounts for KickoffLabs

Do you have an awesome designer on your team who could make your landing page just a little bit more personal? Would you like your favorite copywriter to spice up your page’s content? Or do you simply wish you could offload some of your email lead generation work to another teammate?

Great news. Now you can with KickoffLabs Multi-User Accounts.

Manage Team

Great…but what the heck is a Multi User Account?

Glad you asked!

A Multi User account enables KickoffLab’s accounts to have more than one user (clever naming huh?). No one but the account owner will be able to change the billing and you can even control access down to each landing page or customer list.

This has been a very often requested feature and we are super excited to share it with you. Go ahead and:

  • Invite your designer or developer in to work on a specific campaign.
  • Add a member of your marketing team to collaborate on copy.
  • Give clients access to view their reports or even edit their pages directly.

Access Level

Have no fear. You can choose to make someone a manager and give them access to everything except billing OR you can limit them to just viewing reports on one page.

We’d love to get your feedback so go ahead and give it a try. It’s available now to every Business plan level subscriber.

33 Amazing SaaS tools that Power KickoffLabs

How could two founders run a large business without a large team?

33 Amazing Tools That Power KickoffLabs

We are coming up (around Feb 28) on 3 years since we started building KickoffLabs. In the daily ebb and flow of business, progress appears to move at a snail’s pace. I look at the big things we are working on, and I dream of having a small team of developers so we could ship it all in 2 months instead of 6 months.

However, looking at this gigantic list of  services we use (or have used), I am floored by the enormity of it all. Two people really could not run a company of this size without so many amazing services. Thank you SaaS (software as a service)!

Here is a run down on some of the services and platforms we use for KickoffLabs:

Read More

Get Realtime Notification AND Weekly Summaries!

We have a couple exciting changes coming to our reporting options.

The first is ready for you to use today.

Previously, you could choose to be notified about sign ups in realtime (as they happen), daily, or weekly.

Starting today, you can be notified of updates in realtime and either daily or weekly.

status email options

More Options For You!

This is a small change, but should be very helpful for those of you who need to keep customers updated on list progress, but still want the instant gratification of seeing new signups as they happen.