2 New, Great-Performing Themes Designed For Conversion

By Josh Ledgard

You might have noticed two new options for Lead Generation themes in the KickoffLabs page designer. Both are meant to give you a great starting point for quickly setting up a landing page that will greatly increase your conversions.

These are super useful because all you really need to do is add some sales copy and you’re well on your way to capturing emails… though it’s easy to dive in and customize the colors and styles to your liking, but really there’s no need to.

Feel free to jump right into setting up your own landing page.

The real magic comes from the lead generation power built into the themes. A quick example is how I recently used the 1st new theme to generate 200+ leads at a single live conference (and I wasn’t even presenting).

At the event I was taking my own personal sketch notes, when all of a sudden the person sitting next to me noticed how helpful these tips would be if I was to share them with everyone in attendance.

Ok, easy enough. A simple “tweet” button inside of my drawing app allowed me to share to those who had been following my conference twitter activity. To formalize the sketchbook, I quickly jumped into KickoffLabs and created this landing page using our new text-focused Lead Generation theme.

Here’s the untouched NEW “Lead Form – Text Focus Theme”:

Sell More With This Text-Focused Theme

And here’s what literally took me 5 minutes to setup:

This Landing Page Took Me 5 Mins

I could have used our other NEW “Lead Form – Background Image Theme”, which has a great photo background option and, again an attention-grabbing call to action button:

Lead Generation Theme  That Converts, With Background Image

But for this specific project I chose the 1st new theme, mainly because it caught my eye and it has a slightly larger area for text, though both are optimized for high conversion.

With the landing page up and sketchbook in progress, the goal here was to capture email addresses ahead of time and release the book once it was ready with proper branding.

Let me tell you, using this new theme provided outstanding results

I was amazed at how many people, both at the conference and on social networks, started sharing my landing page and sketches. Had I only concentrated on sharing only the images, I might have not gotten the same reaction from the audience and it was great seeing the sheer amount of people signing up in such a short amount of time.

GET your direct download of the “Bad Art, Good Advice, Great Entrepreneurs” sketchbook here. Included are all 99 sketches with bonus content on Landing Page Best Practices for building better landing pages based on data gathered on KickoffLabs…
A more in-depth post about the experience of how we used these new themes to growth hack a conference and gain a ton of subscribers can be found HERE.

What worked here was having a beautiful landing page with great copy published at the right moment; and is something you should ALWAYS take into account for your business:

Leads can come from anywhere, at anytime.

Shouldn’t you consistently be on the lookout for capturing new leads? With KickoffLabs, you’ll open up the opportunity to collect new potential customers at any given time. It worked for us at the conference and we’re confident it can do the same for you!

Want to start increasing your sign up and conversion rates today? Get started by logging in to your existing account or sign up for your 30 DAY RISK-FREE TRIAL!

If these don’t fit your needs, we still have over 25 (and counting) great other themes for launches, contests, lead generation, sales pages and more…

What do you think about our new conversion optimized themes?

What other template designs would you like to see? 

We’d love to get your feedback, post a comment below!


– Josh

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