How-to Videos

  • godaddysubdomains

    GoDaddy Subdomains

    Setup a subdomain on GoDaddy to host pages.

  • godaddydomains

    GoDaddy Domains

    How to publish your page to a GoDaddy domain.

  • connectingaweber

    Connecting AWeber

    How to setup integration with Aweber.

  • ConnectingMailchimp

    Connecting Mailchimp

    How to setup integration with MailChimp.

  • usingyourdomain

    Use Your Domain

    There are a few options to use your own domain.

  • wordpresssplash

    WordPress Splash

    Configure a welcome page for your Wordpress site.

  • wordpresssignupbar

    WordPress Signup Bar

    Add a signup bar to Wordpress with our plugin.

  • publishtowordpress

    Publish to WordPress

    Publish your page to Wordpress with our plugin.

  • publishtofacebook

    Publish to Facebook

    Publish your page to Facebook in three clicks.

  • customizingforms

    Customizing Forms

    See how to customize the form on your page.

  • addingvideos

    Adding Videos

    You can add a video to any Landing Page. Here’s how.

  • editingpages

    Editing Pages

    A quick tour of our landing page editor.

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