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Over 150 Amazing Landing Page Backgrounds To Choose From!

You have an amazing idea, with amazing copy, but you just don’t have the right background image for your campaign. Well, we’ve got you covered. This week we’ve added over 150 FREE background images you can use on ANY landing page. Log in, edit your page, and check them out! Just go and pick a… Read more »

The Faster and Stronger KickoffLabs Page Editor Now Live

Creating landing pages for campaigns should be simple, fast and fun for you. Over the past few months we’ve been collecting feedback, and you’ve told us the KickoffLabs landing page editor needs to be simpler AND more flexible. We’ve heard you loud and clear, so today we’re introducing our new and improved page editor! Take… Read more »

Throw Out Your Pitch – It’s Not Working. Get Back To Basics.

The hard sell doesn’t work anymore – especially on the internet. These pitches: Just aren’t going to work anymore. So what about your pitch? What are you doing to set yourself apart from others without looking like an antiquated internet salesman from 1998 – and immediately destroying any chance of converting possible leads into just… Read more »

How to create the best online forms for your landing pages

Most online forms suck You’ve seen them. Most online forms are ugly, too long, don’t offer any incentives, and make it nearly impossible to find the call to action. Your form could be different if you follow these steps. 1. Apply the ten foot rule. When you’ve finished creating your form stand up and walk… Read more »

How to create a billion dollar landing page like Instagram.

Instagram just sold to Facebook for 1 BILLION dollars. I’ve captured their landing page at so it can be studied further before Facebook gets their hands on it.  What makes this the perfect landing page for a billion dollar company? Lets walk through the image I’ve marked up here: (Click for full size version) Starting… Read more »

8 great reasons to use signup landing pages!

When we started KickoffLabs we imagined one primary use case… The coming soon page for a new product or business.  What we’ve learned is that our customer set is MUCH more diverse. Our mission has evolved to simply deliver the most signups possible for our customers. We just updated our tour page to reflect 8… Read more »