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10 Online Marketing Lessons From 2014 That Will Drive Sales in 2015 and Beyond

In 2014 we, at KickoffLabs, witnessed 2.5 million conversion on our hosted landing pages and improved our own lead generation by 30%.  It’s time to reveal what all of these conversion have taught us about landing pages and online marketing so you can have an even more successful 2015. Here are the big lessons learned… Read more »

How We Use Marketing Automation at KickoffLabs

We believe in the power of marketing automation and customer segmentation so much that we recently invited Rob Walling, the founder of Drip (lightweight marketing automation that doesn’t suck) to teach our audience about the subject. Check out the webinar recording and slides here: And also be sure to check out the full, extensive… Read more »

Your Marketing Questions… Answered by the Pros [Pt 2]

Our chat series is a chance for us to share the knowledge we’ve acquired running KickoffLabs and watching what works for our customers and their successful campaigns. These are all questions that have been submitted to us via our chat page and gives us a chance to be more interactive with our amazing audience. Be sure to watch… Read more »

Where’s your cookie?

Last week I stayed at a Hampton Inn and Suites. One of their perks is “cookie hour” whereby they have fresh baked cookies in the lobby from 8-9pm. It doesn’t get much better than than walking in from a long snowy day of traveling and finding yourself a fresh baked cookie. On my last night… Read more »

miiCard is changing the way we trust and transact online

How do you know the person you are talking to online is actually who they say they are?  That’s a problem that miiCard is trying to solve. It’s a HUGE challenge that doesn’t seem to phase them. Learn more in their words… Tell us about miiCard As the first identity service to prove ‘you are… Read more »

How to steal customers from your competitors

Even before you launch it’s important that you LOVE every single person that signs up.  These are the people that are going to either pay your bills and sing your praises or move onto a competitor.   The story below explains why Scott and I avoid gimmicks and put so much effort on support with KickoffLabs. We… Read more »

Experiment in Public

I love this discovery I found on the Harvard Business Review blog. Just under a third of companies with 1-10% growth preferred experimentation over other methodologies, such as statistical analysis, to identify revenue and operational improvement opportunities. Approaching half (46%) of companies with 11-20% growth prefer it, while well over half (56%) of companies with… Read more »

Following the Economy

Another trend that we at KickoffLabs hope to capitalize on is the rise of the economy from the ashes. In one of our last posts I talked about how the new economy is forcing people to start small. But starting small doesn’t mean not starting. I’ve intentionally tried to avoid using the word “Startup” as… Read more »