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9 MORE Landing Page Teardowns Packed w/ Conversion Optimization Tips

We recently presented our 2nd “Your Landing Page Teardowns” live webinar. An event where I review and help optimize peoples landing pages. Normally I review customer landing pages, but this is a chance for anyone to get a professional review for FREE. Once again, turnout was great and the number of pages submitted far exceeded… Read more »

What qualities are shared by most successful product landing pages?

It’s no accident that so many successful companies have the same basic formula for their landing pages. There are a set of best practices that typically work to convert visitors into leads and then into customers. Here is a collection of 10 qualities shared by successful landing pages. A Large Descriptive Headline One line description… Read more »

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Create & Run Successful Online Contests

This is the 3rd installation of our contest education series, with the goal of helping you create successful contests that drive real results (AND PROFITS) for your business. Highly recommended are Part 1: How To Create Contests That Boost Revenues – 7 KickoffLabs Customer Case Studies & Part 2: The Ultimate Guide To Using Autoresponders… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide To Using Autoresponders For Contests & Sales

In our previous post, we provided you with research-based advice on how to create contests that will produce enviable results and boost revenues for your business. Still one of the difficulties in raising awareness for your contests is following up with new entries. In this ultimate how-to use autoresponders guide, we’re continuing our online contests… Read more »

How To Create Contests That Boost Revenues – 7 KickoffLabs Customer Case Studies

Entrepreneurs and brands sometimes struggle with finding new customers outside of conventional traffic sources (Google search, SEO, backlinks, PPC, social media, etc). Want to know the secret that several of our customers have been using to see a boost to their signup, sales and conversion rates? CONTESTS! Yes, you read correctly. The age old marketing… Read more »