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7 Essential Ingredients For Making Your Contests Go Viral

As of late, it seems as if every company and marketer’s dream is that their campaign will magically catch a viral wave and the content will flood users screens. Newsflash! In the online world, things don’t work that way. It’s not as simple as the old “build it and they will come” motto anymore. Nowadays,… Read more »

9 Landing Page Teardowns Packed w/ Optimization Tips

We offer free consultations for new paying customers to help them optimize their landing page conversions. It works great, but what if we expanded that to review anyones landing page? So we decided to host a live webinar and ask people to submit their landing pages for review! It was awesome! We got WAAAYY MORE… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide To Using Autoresponders For Contests & Sales

In our previous post, we provided you with research-based advice on how to create contests that will produce enviable results and boost revenues for your business. Still one of the difficulties in raising awareness for your contests is following up with new entries. In this ultimate how-to use autoresponders guide, we’re continuing our online contests… Read more »

How To Growth Hack A Conference

Scott and I (the founders of KickoffLabs), recently got back from Las Vegas… WOOT! But it’s probably not what you think… There really wasn’t any of this going on: What we were actually in Vegas for was to attend the awesome #MicroConf, a two-day conference focused on self-funded startups that are bootstrapping a business. A… Read more »

2 New, Great-Performing Themes Designed For Conversion

You might have noticed two new options for Lead Generation themes in the KickoffLabs page designer. Both are meant to give you a great starting point for quickly setting up a landing page that will greatly increase your conversions. These are super useful because all you really need to do is add some sales copy… Read more »