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How do you solve customer problems before you’ve launched?

imageOur service offers newsletter support. That may seem odd when most of our customers haven’t launch a business yet. 

Our belief is that customer engagement and supports starts BEFORE you launch your business.  If you help them solve their problems BEFORE you launch they will be grateful WHEN you launch.  Here is a great example from one of our customers… Rompr.

From: hello@rompr.com

To: josh@kickofflabs.com

Date: Friday, November 18, 2011 9:41:42 AM

Subject: Weekend ideas from rompr

Hey there, romprs-to-be!

While we’re working on getting rompr up and running, we thought we’d share some of our weekend fun-with-kids ideas. We often find ourselves on Saturday morning trying to come up with ideas and by the time we’ve got the kids dressed and fed, and frantically searched google for ideas, it’s already lunch time and we just give up.

Well, not any more!

We’re starting out with London and Paris, since many of you come from these lovely cities, but we promise to expand very soon :-)


The weather is supposed to be lovely this weekend, so head outside!

Today (18/11) is the grand opening of the Winter Wonderland, where your kids can run around and there are rides, a circus, santa’s land, an ice rink and more winter-themed activities.

When: 10am-10pm every day

Where: Hyde Park

How much: Entry is free but everything else is pretty pricey. Book in advance to avoid having to wait long queues

You can also let your kids have a special winter petting zoo experience – pet a reindeer (and get your photo taken with it too!).

When: Saturday

Where: Covent Garden

How much: FREE


No rain in Paris this weekend, but you won’t see too much sunshine either…

Why not try Le Musee en Herbe – a museum just for kids. You have to make a reservation in advance (call 01 40 67 97 66 or email resa-meh@gmail.com). They also have special “baby visits” for 2.5-4.5 year olds.

When: every day, 10am-7pm

Where: 21 Rue Herold (metro Les Halles or Palais Royal)

How much: Big Kid visit – 10€, Baby visit – 6€

Enjoy your weekend!

Your friends at rompr

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