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Drip – Marketing Automation Integration

We are big fans of Drip. We use it to power our LandingPages 107 course and a couple others which are currently under development.

Even better, starting today, you can now connect any KickoffLabs campaign to Drip.

Setting up Drip in KickoffLabs

This means you can leverage any KickoffLabs landing page, Opt-in form, WordPress plugin, Facebook tab, and even our API to send all your leads to any of your Drip campaigns.


You can now send your leads in real time to GetResponse.

All you need to do is enter a GetResponse API Key and then select a campaign.

Setup GetResponse in KickoffLabs


From there, we will send your existing and future leads to GetResponse. We will also send your KickoffLabs social_id’s and any custom fields to GetResponse as well.

This is the first of many new integrations we expect to roll out this year. If you have any other suggestions, please let us know at

Make it a Party! Introducing Multi User Accounts for KickoffLabs

Do you have an awesome designer on your team who could make your landing page just a little bit more personal? Would you like your favorite copywriter to spice up your page’s content? Or do you simply wish you could offload some of your email lead generation work to another teammate?

Great news. Now you can with KickoffLabs Multi-User Accounts.

Manage Team

Great…but what the heck is a Multi User Account?

Glad you asked!

A Multi User account enables KickoffLab’s accounts to have more than one user (clever naming huh?). No one but the account owner will be able to change the billing and you can even control access down to each landing page or customer list.

This has been a very often requested feature and we are super excited to share it with you. Go ahead and:

  • Invite your designer or developer in to work on a specific campaign.
  • Add a member of your marketing team to collaborate on copy.
  • Give clients access to view their reports or even edit their pages directly.

Access Level

Have no fear. You can choose to make someone a manager and give them access to everything except billing OR you can limit them to just viewing reports on one page.

We’d love to get your feedback so go ahead and give it a try. It’s available now to every Business plan level subscriber.

33 Amazing SaaS tools that Power KickoffLabs

How could two founders run a large business without a large team?

33 Amazing Tools That Power KickoffLabs

We are coming up (around Feb 28) on 3 years since we started building KickoffLabs. In the daily ebb and flow of business, progress appears to move at a snail’s pace. I look at the big things we are working on, and I dream of having a small team of developers so we could ship it all in 2 months instead of 6 months.

However, looking at this gigantic list of  services we use (or have used), I am floored by the enormity of it all. Two people really could not run a company of this size without so many amazing services. Thank you SaaS (software as a service)!

Here is a run down on some of the services and platforms we use for KickoffLabs:

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Get Realtime Notification AND Weekly Summaries!

We have a couple exciting changes coming to our reporting options.

The first is ready for you to use today.

Previously, you could choose to be notified about sign ups in realtime (as they happen), daily, or weekly.

Starting today, you can be notified of updates in realtime and either daily or weekly.

status email options

More Options For You!

This is a small change, but should be very helpful for those of you who need to keep customers updated on list progress, but still want the instant gratification of seeing new signups as they happen.

Lead Conversion Tracking with Google Analytics Goals

Google Analytic goals allow you to track your lead generation conversions directly within Google Analytics.

KickoffLabs has always made it very easy to take advantage of Google Analytic Goals. When a new lead signs up we notify Google Analytics for you. Starting today it gets even better.

Recently, Google rolled out a new version of their analytics called, Universal Analytics (the previous version has been named Classic Analytics).

Should I be using Universal Analytics? Short answer is yes, you should be using Universal Analytics.

Are you using it today? That is a harder question since Google currently makes you opt in when you add a new property or request the change in the Google Analytics admin.

However, the good news is regardless if you are using Universal Analytics or Classic Analytics, KickoffLabs will handle the goal tracking with no additional input from you. In other words, It Just Works!


Finally, if you are thinking, “I couldn’t set this up”, we have updated our documentation as well and provide you step by step instructions on navigating Google Analytics and setting up the proper goal.

If you use Google Analytics along with KickoffLabs, this is something you really should set up. If you have any questions on this, please contact us at and we will be honored to help you.

Using AWeber with KickoffLabs landing pages and lead capture forms

We are excited to announce you can now officially connect a KickoffLabs landing page to an AWeber email list. AWeber, if you are not familiar is a premier provider of email marketing software.

This means that any leads captured with KickoffLabs can be synced automatically with AWeber! This includes their email addresses and any custom form data you may have captured as well.

The real beauty in this feature (besides the great features of AWeber) is just how easy it is to set up and manage.

To see for yourself, log into your KickoffLabs dashboard or check out this short video:

– Scott

How to do a great product promo video for less than $200

We have been wanting to do a simple promo video for KickoffLabs. However, to really do “right” can cost thousands of dollars. That seems like a lot of money when you don’t even know if it will help with your conversions. However…

We recently came across two services that let us put together a quality product promo video in a couple of hours and for less than $200!

First, check out the video:

OK, so how did we do it? (and by we, I mean, how did Josh do it? :)


  1. PowToon – allows you to build a great looking animated presentations.
  2. VoiceBunny – Crowd Voice overs – seriously, this exists.
  3. Vimeo – Like Youtube… but for profesionals that don’t want ads running before, during, and after their video. Note: Since posting this there have been some suggestions in the comments below about how to make YouTube a better free option.
  4. KickoffLabs – :) We host this video on several of our own landing pages. The method/price is cheap enough we can do targeted videos for each landing page target.

I am sure there are other options out there, but we are quite happy with the experience using these tools. The video is our first attempt at using these services and we already have ideas for things we will change and improve in the future.

Script Building

Even if you aren’t using these tools your video needs a script. We did this ourselves following a simple formula:

  1. Discuss the customer problem
  2. Offer a solution
  3. Explain why your solution is the best

In our case we also tried to answer a common question about the definition of a landing page in simple terms.

Other Tips

  • Before submitting your script to VoiceBunny do a rough take you record yourself. This way you’ll know if the timing needs to be changed in your video.
  • Cut stuff. We had to cut this down a few times and it could still stand to be simpler. You don’t have time to jam everything in.
  • Simple explanations.  You have more context, and know more, about your product than ANYONE else on the planet. How would you explain your product to a small child… or a golden retriever?

Armed with these tips and tools I expect everyone could make their own great product videos… that they publish on targeting landing pages built with Kickfoflabs. :)


Mo (MailChimp) Monkeys

About 8 months ago, we released the initial version of the KickoffLabs MailChimp integration.

This week, a major upgrade to our MailChimp integration has been released.

  1. You can now decide what type of MailChimp email is delivered (double-optin, welcome confirmation, or none) for both your existing signups and future signups.
  2. Our awseome KickoffLabs custom form data is now automattically sent to MailChimp for each signup.

These changes put you in complete control of the MailChimp integration and better enable our customers to leverage the power of MailChimp while still taking advantge of KickoffLabs simplicity and ease of use….and of course it literally takes just two clicks to set it all up.

Or to put it another way, Your email marketing campaigns just got even easier.

We made a quick video for you.

Be sure to look out for more awseom integrations like this in the coming weeks.

Celebrating Relative Accomplishments with Facebook

Great blog post by Eric Ries on Facebook’s hacker mentality.

As a developer at my core, I love the Facebook’s hacker mentality. However, what really stood out to me in Eric’s post was the very last paragraph

Here’s to the Zuck I admire, the one that had the courage to launch a simple, useful app in a week, celebrate his first 900 customers…

It is easy to get caught up in the Facebook’s impressive user numbers, but that wasn’t always the case. They, like you and I had to start some where. When we put our customer counter up on the KickoffLabs discovery page it was right around the 500 mark. That is a tiny number, but it was just a start. We passed the 3,800 mark earlier this week and will hopefully hit the our 5,000 customer goal in another month or so.

Your goals need be relative to where you are today. There is a lot inspiration in the stories behind companies like Facebook, but if you measure your own success against them you are doing yourself a huge diservice. Celebrate what you have acommplished and understand there is always more work to do….then celebrate again.

KickoffLabs is not likely to hit the 1 billion user mark, but we would have never hit 500, 3,800 or bigger without starting, shipping, iterating, and celebrating along the the way.